Reimbursement for Research

Supply-&-Expense Grants 

During the Fall and Spring semesters, supply-and-expense grants of up to $150 per student are awarded to undergraduates engaged in research. Students enrolled in UNIV-401/402 may apply for up to $250 per semester. Reimbursement for Summer and Winter Session research expenses may be applied for either retroactively or in advance during the fall or spring semesters. Uses include chemicals, experimental animals and care, photocopying, travel to libraries and to professional meetings, film and developing, expendable equipment, etc. Books, computer software and computer supplies are usually not covered, unless you can make a compelling case.  Funds will be sent to the student's department, where they can be claimed for use or reimbursement. 

The Fall Application deadline for the Supply and Expense Award is October 15th.

To Apply click here:


If you use your own car while conducting research, you may be able to claim mileage.  Currently the University allows .55 per mile.  To receive reimbursement for mileage, please fill out this form and submit it to your department.


Program Stipends from the URP

Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Summer Scholar Programs require a full-time, ten-week commitment to research during the summer, three credits’ worth of research during the following academic year, and a public presentation of research work in progress. The Scholar Programs in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, CEHD, Science and Engineering, and Life Science Scholars are described in the pages linked to this section. Each Scholar stipend is $3000 with an additional $500 provided as a housing allowance; additional housing funds may be provided by some of the Scholar Programs.  Applications are due March 1st.

Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowships

For students in any field, several fellowships of up to $1,500 will be awarded by the Undergraduate Research Program for the summer. These awards are intended to provide partial support for undergraduate researchers who would like to work on their projects during the summer.

NOTE:  Students who graduate in June are not, alas, eligible to receive a fellowship for the summer following their graduation.


Awards, Scholarships and funding opportunities at UD

  • Gale Cengage and the UREL announce the Cengage Learning Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research in Sustainability Prize for undergraduate researchers.  For more details about the prize, including the application, click here.
  • First Step: Ideas for a Healthier World.  The College of Health Sciences invites health science undergraduate students, or teams of students led by a CHS undergraduate, to (a) identify important challenges in healthcare and healthy living and (b) develop novel solutions to those challenges. Students will prepare a proposal application that seeks to focus on an important aspect of health care, develop a potential solution to that problem, and present their solution for review. CHS will provide $500 funding to each of the top 20 applications to identify a health care problem and articulate a potential solution to that problem.  For more information and to apply, visit this site.

  • Center for Political Communication/Undergraduate Research Program Fellowship Application - the CPC/URP Research Fellowship provides supplementary stipends for undergraduate students involved in interdisciplinary research or service projects related to political communication. Preference is given to students enrolled in the Political Communication Minor and to interdisciplinary projects.  Applications are closed for Spring 2013.

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society - this is an annual undergraduate research essay competition with an April deadline.  Winners will present their research at the Phi Kappa Phi Initiation Ceremony Reception.  One - two awards of up to $500 are available annually.

  • Presigious Scholarships and Fellowships - these competitive scholarships and fellowships are open to all students, and most have a deadline of May 1st.

  • Sigma Xi award - this is another research essay competition for students in science and engineering fields, with a mid-May deadline.  Winners receive a $100 prize for their work.  Students must be nominated for this award. 

  • Scholarships in the Communication Department

  • Research Fellowships/ Research Assistant (contact your faculty advisor/sponsor or department for further information)