Academic Year Conference Travel Awards

A limited amount of funding is available to support presentation of undergraduate research.  If you have any questions of whether or not your project meets the criteria please contact the Undergraduate Research Program

Spring Travel Awards are now open. 

Click here to apply.

Awards will close February 28th.

  In order to apply students will need:

  • a 500 word statement indicating how your travel will benefit your research project
  • an itemized budget listing expenses and predicted costs
  • a letter of support from a faculty mentor


Travel Awards may cover the following, when the supporting documentation is submitted:

  • Airfare, with screenshots of travel sites showing comparable flights, and with the dates of the flight listed in the budget. If the flight has already been booked, list the flight number in the budget and include receipts.
  • Conference registration, with screenshot of the registration page showing total cost. If already purchased, include receipts.
  • Gas/Mileage/Parking/Tolls, with mileage calculated at the current federal rate, with Google Maps showing the route and total miles. Include receipts for parking, or screenshots of the parking company’s website to show costs.
  • Shuttle/Uber/Taxi/Public Transportation, with screenshots of websites to show costs. Please try to use the cheapest possible method of transportation – a local shuttle or bus is often cheaper than an Uber or taxi.
  • Hotel costs, with screenshots or receipts showing the cost per night of the room and the total with any additional fees. Specify in the budget how many nights you are staying and how many people you are splitting the cost with, even if the other people in the room are not requesting a travel award.


Travel Awards will not cover the following:

  • Food/Per Diems
  • Printing costs for posters or handouts
  • Baggage fees or poster tubes
  • Membership to an association or society, even if it is required to register for the conference.
  • Additional conference fees for optional events, luncheons, dinners, workshops, or classes.
  • Extra hotel fees for additional people in the room, unless all the people in the room are applying for Travel Awards, or any extra hotel fees for room service, damages, pay-per-view, etc.