Deadlines and Procedures – Summer Scholars/Fellows

Procedural Notes:

  • Faculty Letters of Recommendation: When students apply on the online portal, they are asked to input the e-mail address of the professor who has agreed to serve as their faculty mentor and recommender. The system then generates an e-mail to the professor, with a request for the letter of recommendation. If a faculty member has not received this letter after the student has completed the online application, please contact the Undergraduate Research Office.
  • Summer Fellows Application: Applications for Summer Fellows open after students are notified about the outcome of their Summer Scholars application. Students who do not receive a position as a Summer Scholar are welcome to re-submit their application for the Fellows program.
  • Summer Scholars Contract: Summer Scholars are required to sign a contract, agreeing to the terms of the program. (For instance, Summer Scholars are required to spend the period of the program engaged in full-time research). It is recommended that faculty review the terms of the student contract to familiarize themselves with the student’s responsibilities.