Group Presentations

Purpose of Presentations

The purpose of our group presentations once a semester is so that students grow familiar with presenting their work to those within their field and those outside of it. We believe students should develop the ability to make their research presentable and understandable to an audience that may not be familiar with their topic and also, naturally, develop better public speaking skills that are essential to their thesis defense.

Presentation Guidelines & Expectations

The students are expected to give a 10 – 15 minute informal presentation in which they will explain their thesis work-in-progress to their fellow peers and their 3rd Reader. UNIV401 students will be presenting their first semester work such as their proposal, what they hope to find, any work to date… UNIV402 will be presenting the second semester work or any new information/research they have developed/pursued since their fall group presentation. They may use whatever visual aid they like. A Q&A session is encouraged after each of the student’s presentations so that anyone can ask questions. The students and 3 rd Reader present will fill out a presentation evaluation form, offering constructive criticism and/or positive comments about the student’s presentation. The forms should then go to the student in question.

Presentation Evaluation Form