Outside Lecture Assignment

Outside Lecture Assignment

In addition to presenting your work to your research group and providing feedback to them once each semester, you are also required to either attend another research group’s set of presentations of your choice (Option #1) or attend one talk of your choice on campus (Option #2) once each semester, Fall & Spring.

Option #1:

If you attend another group’s presentation (your own DOES NOT count), notify the professor/third reader of your attendance. At their presentations, you will follow the same format as if you were attending your own — you will fill out an evaluation form for each student presenting. Forms will be provided. You, however, will not have to present your research (since that is what you will be doing in your own group’s presentations); you are just required to provide feedback for the students that are presenting.

Please have the 3rd Reader in attendance email Adam Grimes (agrimes@udel.edu), confirming your attendance so that you may receive credit for having completed the assignment. The professor must notify Adam by December 12 (for Fall)  and April 7 (for Spring).

Evaluation Form

Option #2:

If you attend another lecture on campus, the talk can be a lecturer in or outside your field, whatever grabs your interest, as long as it’s academic.  Be sure to ask the presenter a substantial question (not “Why did you choose that outfit for this presentation?”), and record both your question and the presenter’s response in your notes.  Then after attending this talk, write a 500 word summary and analysis of the presentation you attend, analyzing the presenter’s oral presentation in terms of both content and format (i.e., the speaker’s major research questions, how well you think they answered those questions, and your critique of their presentation skills).

Email your write-up via PDF attachment to Adam Grimes, (agrimes@udel.edu) by December 12 (for Fall) and April 7 (for Spring) titled “*Last Name*, *First Name*.”

To find campus talks and lectures, visit your department’s web page or the campus events calendar, linked below.

Campus Events, Including Lectures