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Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstract
Luisa Abadia Mona Batish Generation of Stable Cell Lines Expressing Exogenous Circular RNA Read Abstract
Kalekidan Abera Velia Fowler Interspecies examination of rodent eye lens biomechanics: Lens size does not always determine stiffness Read Abstract
Tyler Alexa Adams Kathleen Brewer-Smyth Childhood Abuse, Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis, and Alcohol-Related Female Violence Read Abstract
Carissa Aekins Roxana Burciu Comparison of Lower-Limb and Upper-Limb Force Production in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Read Abstract
Ayo Agbaje Tanya Gressley Dairy Cattle Nutrition Read Abstract
Ben Aghajanian Michael Chajes,
Melanie Smith
Improving Society Through Cultivating Leaders in Sustainability Read Abstract
Betty Akalu Mary Dozier Diurnal Cortisol as a Predictor of Proactive Aggression in Middle Childhood Read Abstract
Betty Akalu Mary Dozier Diurnal Cortisol as a Predictor of Proactive Aggression in Middle Childhood Read Abstract
Eric Albiez Emmalea Ernest Quality Evaluation for Specialty Melons and Sweet Corn Read Abstract
Tatiana Alfaro Monica Dominguez Torres Plazas and Photography as Recovery, The Indigenous People of the Andes Read Abstract
Sofia Alfieri Lashanda Korley 3D Printing Spatially Controlled Thermoresponsive Hydrogels Read Abstract
Kamal Alkhatib Jame McCray Climate Change Movement: Teaching Climate Change Through Dance Read Abstract
Jane Allen,
Kimberly Ortega
Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia Art and Science Outreach at Winterthur Museum and Salvation Army Read Abstract
Chandler Amato Arthi Jayaraman Molecular dynamics simulations of silica nanorods with different aspect ratios in shrinking spherical confinement Read Abstract
Paige Amendum Shunji Tomatsu Elevation of Glycosaminoglycans in Human Blood Samples Read Abstract
Brianna Ames Robert Alphin Evaluation of Newcastle Disease Virus Reduction in Open Source Affordable and Portable Vehicle Undercarriage Decontamination System with Foam Applied Disinfectant Read Abstract
Katelyn Anderson Dominic Di Toro,
Pei Chiu
Predicting the Rates of Reduction for Munition Compounds Read Abstract
Shaneaka Anderson Megan Killian,
Connor Leek
Localized Expression of Pthlh in the Tendon-Bone Attachment of Normal and Fgf9 Mutant Mice Read Abstract
Colleen Anderson Aaron Terry Friendly Reminder Read Abstract
Kara Anderson Amy Biddle Equine Microbiome Project: Outreach Design for Making Science Accessible to Clients and the Community Read Abstract
Brian Arisman Amy Biddle Quantifying the Reemergence Period of Cyathostomin Populations in Horses following Anthelmintic Treatment Read Abstract
Afia Asamoah Huantian Cao ZDHC Strategies Read Abstract
Nkeiruka Ashiedu Jennifer Horney Fine Particulate Matter and Its Effects on Asthma in Delaware Read Abstract
Christen Asiedu Ellen Donnelly The Roles of Neighborhood Conditions On Racial Disparities in Incarceration Sentencing Read Abstract
Alex Attard Douglas Buttrey Exploring Synthetic Conditions for Slurry Preparation of Complex Molybdenum Vanadium Bronzes Read Abstract
Lucas Attia Catherine Fromen Fluid and Aerodynamic Properties of UiO-66 Nanoparticles with Varying Defectiveness and Cargo-Loading Read Abstract
Courtney Aul James Hoffman Is Semantic Information Processed Without Awareness in the Attentional Blink? Read Abstract
Andrew Aumen Matthew Doty Synthesis of Quantum Dot Nanostructures for Applications in Photon Upconversion Read Abstract
Kerline Aures Lance Winn Cric!: An Analysis of Haitian Folklore through Animation Read Abstract
Jack Ausmus Jennifer Van Horn Impacts of Slavery on the Early History of the University of Delaware Read Abstract
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