Senior Thesis Application Procedure

Interested in writing a senior thesis due Fall of 2022? It’s not too late to get started!

To Apply:

  • Complete the online proposal form here. The form includes a checklist of things that may be included in the proposal. The proposal should be 3-5 pages long, and completed under the supervision of the first reader.
  • Fill out the PDF Form here. You will need to email the form to your first reader, second reader, and department chairperson for their signatures. Once you have all of the signatures, please return the completed form by email to Dr. Barsky,
  • Register for UNIV401.
    • UNIV401-000 is the regular section, UNIV401-080 is the honors section.
    • UNIV401 and UNIV402 need to add up to 6 credit hours, but can be split as 3 & 3 or 2 & 4, depending on your schedule. Honors students should consult with the honors office about the impact of these credit hours on graduation requirements.
    • Both UNIV401 and UNIV402 must be taken “standard grading,” NOT “pass/fail”
    • Register under your first reader. If your first reader is not an option and you have already submitted your paperwork, email Dr. Barsky at to have your reader added.
  • Meet with someone from the Undergraduate Research Program
    • Meetings are not required, but if you have questions, you can make an appointment to meet with Dr. Barsky –