Coastal Resilience Design Studio: Conceptual Community Plan


  • Talia Brinker, Landscape Architecture, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • Zach Hammaker, Landscape Architecture, University of Delaware


Over the course of the summer, I worked with the Coastal Resilience Design Studio (CRDS) to create a comprehensive design plan that will better equip the Coastal town of Slaughter Beach. After analyzing case studies from communities who have faced similar issues and scholarly reports done for Slaughter Beach, it became apparent that the town’s physical foundation and ecology are not resilient to current conditions. The WIIN report (2021), which analyzes the economic value of environment assets (i.e., ecotourism), showed that Slaughter Beach is a hub for horseshoe crab spawning and is a great spot for bird watching. The report showed that Slaughter Beach had a lot of economic value through the saltmarsh bordering the town and general beach recreation. Thus, certain things we can accomplish will increase Slaughter Beach’s ecotourism and better equip the community for rising sea levels and flooding from the marsh.