Exploration of the Human Relationship with Technology Through Storytelling and Book Arts


  • Cara McDonald, Fine Arts, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • David Brinley, Art and Design, University of Delaware


Technology is becoming more and more integrated into the daily lives of humans, to the point where it feels necessary for survival. Through the research conducted under the advisement of David Brinley, the introduction of a graphic novel series was created that explores a world in which the majority of life forms have become infused and dependent on technology, down to their core. However, not everyone is able to achieve nor afford the upgrade. The novel’s main conflicts are consequences of this, physically, mentally, and socially. Reference and research was taken from Marvel comics artist, Paolo Rivera, and DC comic artist, Stephen Byrne, for the process of designing the characters and the creation of the pages. Additionally, stories relating to the topic of reliance on technology were investigated, such as the graphic novel, Sentient by Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta. The process begins with an established setting for the story to take place and environment for the characters to interact in. Then, the character designs are created based on the personalities of the characters, their economic capabilities, and the functionality they require. From here, the plot is developed for how the character will meet and interact and then address the main conflict. The story becomes storyboards that will then be inked and colored. The cover is made to display the main characters and their personalities, as well as show bits of the environment. Printing services were researched to decide a preferred paper and format for physical copies. The finished product is an introduction to the series, setting up for a much longer story line that expands on this world where technology runs society, rather than people. This project can be furthered and will continue based on the research conducted.