Leveraging Smartwatches to Monitor Physical Activity: A Dashboard for Behavioral Health


  • Michael Lutz, Computer Science, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • Keith Decker, Computer Science, University of Delaware


The present study aimed to explore the potential of smartwatches as effective tools for monitoring and analyzing physical activity. Our team developed a dashboard for visualizing and interpreting the information collected from these devices. The dashboard not only facilitated comprehensive data analysis but also provided an accessible platform for behavioral health specialists. We leveraged recent advancements in wearable technology to track participants’ various physical activity patterns, including step count, heart rate, and accelerometry data. We designed a user-friendly dashboard that provided real-time visualizations of collected data. The visualizations aimed to highlight trends, identify sedentary periods, and uncover connections between physical activity levels and the participants’ daily lives. Throughout the research period, the smartwatches were distributed to the participants, who wore them consistently during their daily routines. The data collected from the smartwatches were synchronized with the dashboard, allowing continuous monitoring and analysis over the course of the study. This project has contributed to advancing the utilization of smartwatches in behavioral health research, opening up new possibilities for future studies that aim to promote healthy behaviors and improve overall well-being through personalized interventions based on smartwatch-generated data. The development of the dashboard has laid the foundation for further exploration of wearable technology’s potential in enhancing behavioral health research and promoting positive lifestyle changes.