Lives Unfolded: Tales of Everyday Mundanity


  • Autumn Wolinski, Visual Communications, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • David Brinley, Arts and Sciences, University of Delaware


For my project “Lives Unfolded: Tales of Everyday Mundanity”, I explored stories from everyday life. I interviewed a variety of people in my life and asked them to share with me a memory or story. I kept it open ended, as I wanted to tell an array of tales and didn’t want to limit anyone. The project takes the form of a storybook, and takes inspiration from sketchbooks and photo book collages. The book is a collection of memories and experiences, and the tone and mood of each influences how I visually depict them. With a heavy focus on multi-media work and illustration, I use a mixture of methods to best depict each person’s story with thought and detail. 


The goal of this project is to emphasize the magic in the mundane of everyday life, moments we might take for granted at the time but later look back on with fondness, anger, sadness, or a combination of all three. Moments that are banal, but nonetheless help shape who we are over time, and overall add to the human experience. This research is important as it stands as a reminder to ground oneself, especially during times of chaos and confusion. A reminder that we collectively experience so many of the same things and can relate to one another more than we could ever truly realize. And a reminder to have empathy and patience for those around us, as different experiences can affect and shape how we react and respond to our environments.