Managing Employee Movement through Corporate Alumni Programs


  • Saumya Agrawal, Management, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • Stacy Astrove, Business Administration, University of Delaware


This project focuses on corporate alumni programs (CAP), mirroring university alumni initiatives, aiming to maintain relationships with departing employees. Based on insights from Dachner and Marius (2021), the research team believes that CAPs can transform former employees into valuable assets for the organization as customers, suppliers, boomerang employees, mentors, and brand ambassadors. I am collaborating with Dr. Stacy Astrove and colleagues Alison Dachner and Erin Makarius, this project is part of a larger mixed methods project investigating why alumni stay connected to former employers (residual organizational commitment). 

However, measuring former employees’ commitment after departure presents a unique challenge. Therefore, we have been focusing on scale development and validation which is based on guidelines from Hinkin (1998). Data was collected through an online survey of undergraduate students from BUAD 301 and 309. 

Utilizing data analysis skills, I have been working on data cleaning, measuring reliability using alpha, calculating descriptives, and assessing convergent and discriminant validity, I developed and tested hypotheses surrounding constructs that should be correlated, but distinct from residual organizational commitment, such as perceived organizational prestige and support. This research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of corporate alumni programs on residual organizational commitment, informing the development of effective exit and alumni management strategies for organizations.”