Utilizing MIS to Revitalize Businesses: a Deep Dive into Foundational Elements 


  • Catherine Osinubi, Management Information Systems, University of Delaware

Faculty Mentor(s)

  • Edward Hartono, MIS, University of Delaware



Management Information Systems is a fundamental contributor to the success of large corporations and high-revenue organizations. A business can improve and grow through the functions and implementation of these techniques and systems. However, businesses in low-income communities lack investments and tech implementation as a product of their environment. Many of these businesses use outdated legacy systems, lack proper MIS features, and lack resources. No business wants to succumb to the dire statistics presented by the failure of small businesses and those that fail to innovate. Using primarily qualitative research, a deeper analysis of MIS was conducted. This includes the effect of proper essential features on growing companies,  different uses of these systems, and how it is implemented generically. After that, a deep dive into why businesses fail due to the complications concerning managerial and financial decisions was observed. A connection is that the reason why businesses fail and how MIS benefits these high-income businesses and corporations (to level up their companies) had overlapped. Based on the outcomes of this study, one can conclude that utilizing MIS, to create a defined business strategy that will boost operations efficiently and be implemented effectively, is possible to boost the longevity of small businesses and combat the aforementioned issues. 


Keywords: MIS, analysis, business, functions