Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Katie Coscia Melinda Duncan Investigating the Mechanisms of Aniridic Cataract Read Abstract 2019
Christopher Costello,
Kathryn Jennings,
Maia Olsen
Mary Dozier Associations of Parent and Child Report of Anxiety Across Adolescence Read Abstract 2023
Luke Coster Sharon Rozovsky Expression and Characterization of P97 Read Abstract 2023
Jonathon Cottone Harsh Bais Arsenic Toxicity Affects Rice Phenotype Across Different Varieties Read Abstract 2017
Eliza Coull Francis Earle Sayako The Effect of Motor Rest on the Stabilization of a Motor Speech Pattern Read Abstract 2023
Daniel Courtney Elisa Arch Assessing the Validity of the G-Walk BTS® on Individuals with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations Read Abstract 2016
Jeffrey Cragin Joseph Fox Mechanistic Studies Of Photocatalytic Bioorthogonal Chemistry Read Abstract 2019
Keani Craig,
Amber Rance,
Brianna Wolfe
Elizabeth Orsega Smith,
Laurie Ruggiero
Interactive Nutrition Education: Engaging Older Adults Read Abstract 2018
DeJ'a Crippen Jaclyn Sions,
Gregory Hicks
Using Ultrasound Imaging to Dose Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Read Abstract 2017
Shane Cronin Tanya Gressley Developing a Rumen Fluid-free In Vitro System to Predict Rumen Urea Digestion Read Abstract 2018
Shane Cronin Tanya Gressley Evaluating In Vitro Ammonia Production from Nitrogen Sources using Two Different Culture Systems Read Abstract 2017
Manuel Cuesta William Matthaeus,
Tulasi Parashar
Magnetic Structures in Solar Wind Read Abstract 2017
Marlena Cugliari Calvin Keeler Broiler Chicken Responses to Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Read Abstract 2019
Keira Culley Dionisios Vlachos Combining Thermodynamic Modeling and Reaction Kinetics to Understand the Effect of Metal Salts in Biomass Upgrading Read Abstract 2019
Alex Culley,
Alexandra Arroyo,
Josephine Gladden,
Miranda Rack
Dilia Lopez-Gydosh,
Belinda Orzada,
Kelly Cobb
1920s Digital Twins Recreation Read Abstract 2023
Devin Cummings Hui Fang Efficient Data Management at CPI Read Abstract 2023
Paige Cummins Charles Bartlett Variation and Diagnostics of Anotia Planthoppers (Hemiptera: Derbidae) Read Abstract 2019
Andre Cunningham Ramona Neunuebel Designing A Biorthogonal Labeling Method to Track Secretion of Legionella pneumophila Effector Proteins During Infection Read Abstract 2017
Andre Cunningham Ramona Neunuebel Identifying Bacterial Virulence Factors that Target Host Vesicular Trafficking Read Abstract 2018
Alexandra Curnyn Jame McCray Arts Integrated Science Lessons: Learning About Climate Change Through Dance and Theatre Read Abstract 2019
Arthur Currier Helene Intraub Lifespan Boundary Extension Read Abstract 2016
Riley Curtin Mary Patricia Harty,
Sharon Gould,
Howard Theodore Harcke
Evaluation of Intraosseous Intravenous Devices Using Pediatric Postmortem Imaging Read Abstract 2018
Riley Curtin Thomas Buchanan,
Ashutosh Khanda
Inter-Limb Differences in Knee Gait and Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Variables after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Read Abstract 2017
Cory Cutsail Sebastian Cioaba The Design of Effective School Choice Mechanisms Read Abstract 2016
Gabriella Dagher,
Chloe Hundley,
River Shannon,
Ashley Warokomski
Amy Trauth Closing the Gap: Using STEM to Limit Summer Learning Loss with SummerCollab Read Abstract 2019
Brianna Dagostino Jason Gleghorn,
Rahul Chib,
John H. Slater
Development of a matrigel-PEG co-polymer gel for 3D spatial photopatterning of cellular environments Read Abstract 2019
Andrew Dalton,
Joseph Dougherty
Eleftherios Papoutsakis Bioreactor Development for Bioenergy Production from an Engineered Mixotrophic Consortium for Enhanced CO2 Fixation Read Abstract 2023
Mitchell Daneker Mary Watson Reenvisioning Amines to Open New Doors to Pharmaceuticals Read Abstract 2019
Amanda Dang Jason Gleghorn Investigating the role of fluid flow and EndMT in the self-assembly of 3D vascular architectures Read Abstract 2018
Sean Daniels Dionisios Vlachos One Pot Reductive Etherification of 5-hydroxymethyl Furfural to Fuels using Homogeneous Metal Salts Read Abstract 2016
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