Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Sydney Hall Stephanie Stotts Wastewater Treatment and Microplastics: Murderkill River Compared to the St. Jones River Read Abstract 2019
Sydney Hall Stephanie Stotts Microplastics in the St. Jones River, Delaware: an examination of the relationship between concentration and proximity to the city of Dover Read Abstract 2018
Michelle Hallenbeck Clara Chan Comparative Genomic Analysis of Bacterial Isolates from Acid Mine Drainage Read Abstract 2018
Benjamin Halleran Zubaer Hossain Pseudolattice Formations in Graphene Moiré Patterns Read Abstract 2019
Susannah Halligan Jeffrey Buler The Delaware Waterfowl Tracker Read Abstract 2018
Stef Hamill Amy Hicks,
Abby Donovan
Talking to Myself: A Stop-Motion Dream Animation Read Abstract 2016
Ekaterina Hampton Chris Williams,
Zack Hammaker
Measuring Carbon Sequestration of University of Delaware’s Central Campus Read Abstract 2023
Kimberly Hanchett Karin Silbernagel Region-Specific Viscoelastic Properties of the Patellar Tendon Read Abstract 2017
Dalia Handelman Roger Horowitz Oral History Project of Long-Time Members of Delaware’s Jewish Community Read Abstract 2019
Lyla Handoklow Elisa Arch Effect of Load Carriage on Natural Ankle Quasi-Stiffness Read Abstract 2019
Abby Haney Jennifer Reitz,
Eric Bardenhagen
Visualizing the Potential of 2301 N. Market Street Read Abstract 2023
Drew Hanley Jennifer Lobasz Non-binary Trends, Tropes, and Tiers in Fictional Media Read Abstract 2018
Ariel Hannum Curtis Johnson Sources of Signal Noise in Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) Read Abstract 2019
Kona Haramoto Jeffry Fuhrmann Enhanced sustainable Soybean Production using Rhizobiophages Read Abstract 2018
Julian Harbaugh Rebecca Davis Seeing Sex: Negotiating Disability and Sexuality in Sex Education Read Abstract 2019
Thomas Harmon Catherine Grimes Synthesis of Muramyl Dipeptide Dimers Read Abstract 2018
Trina Harmon,
Nathan Field
Mary Dozier Working With High Risk Families Read Abstract 2018
Lauren Harper Anja Nohe Ability of CK2.3 to Induce Mineralization in Differentiated Adipocytes Read Abstract 2016
Russell Harris John Jungck Evolutionary Game Theory for Optimizing Cancer Multi-drug Chemotherapy Read Abstract 2016
Sierrah Harris Anna Papafragou How Language Encodes Bounded and Unbounded Events Read Abstract 2017
Christian Harris Stephanie Law Numerical Simulations of Optical Phenomena Read Abstract 2016
Keynon Harris-Miller Carol Henderson Behind the Scenes: Representation of Black Men in Media Effects on Black Male Youth Read Abstract 2018
Joy Harrison Megan McMahon,
Hillary Howrey
Tobacco Cessation Pilot: A quality improvement project Read Abstract 2023
Jaylen Harrison Ross Klauer,
Darien Nguyen
Effect of plasma oxidation on plastics degradation by the yellow mealworm and their gut microbes Read Abstract 2023
William Hart Lori Pollock Analyzing Amazon Web Service’s Serverless Application Latency Times to Study Fluctuations in Cloud Platform Performance Read Abstract 2023
Brittany Hart Shawn Polson,
Eric Wommack
Examining Microbial Response to Diet Shifts in Dairy Cattle Read Abstract 2017
Julie Hartung Lindsay Naylor Urban Food Forestry: Impacting Individuals and Communities Read Abstract 2019
Muizz Hassanali Jennifer Buckley Diversity Initiatives in the College of Engineering Read Abstract 2018
Vanessa Hatton James Jones The Mitigation of Implicit Attitude-Related Behaviors Read Abstract 2017
Vanessa Hatton James Jones,
Personalizing the IAT to Measure Attitudes about Diversity Read Abstract 2016
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