Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Juan Ruiz,
Dominic Villalba
Deepti Anand,
Salil A. Lachke
Investigation of New Biomarkers for Mammalian Corneal Development Read Abstract 2017
Grace Ruiz Cooper,
Srinivasa Gajjala
Jennifer Buckley OIA Development and The Perry Initiative Read Abstract 2016
Jennifer Rushton Nancy Gregory Down Mildew Read Abstract 2017
Julia Rusinski Lisha Shao Investigating the Role of Pepck2 in Feeding Behaviors of Female Virgin Drosophila melanogaster in Various Social Densities Read Abstract 2023
Kathryn Russel Kathleen Splane Vegetable Intake of Children Participating in Hands-On Nutrition Education Read Abstract 2019
Sarah Russel Sue Snider Choose Health: Food, Fun and Fitness Youth Program Read Abstract 2018
Taylor Ryan Steve Eidelman Dual Diagnosis: How to Best Support People with both a Disability and a Mental Illness Read Abstract 2016
Jared Ryan Christopher Williams The Effect of Predator Guards and Box Age on Wood Duck Nest Box Use and Success Read Abstract 2019
Laura Sahd Breanna Banks Impacting Leadership and Health Behaviors Among Delaware Teens Read Abstract 2018
Alyssa Saienni Breanna Banks 4-H Healthy Living: Instructional Videos of Strength & Flexibility Postures from the GEM Curriculum Read Abstract 2019
Lucie Sainte Lynn Bayne The Golden Hour: Implications for Newborns with Extremely Low Birth Weight Read Abstract 2017
Malhar Sakarwala Ismat Shah Synthesis and Characterization of Graphitic Carbon/Nano-Iron Composites for In Situ Adsorption and Dechlorination of PCBs in Sediments Read Abstract 2017
Alejandro Salas-Estrada Juan Perilla Determining the molecular mechanism of NDDX4 liquid-liquid phase separation under physiological conditions Read Abstract 2023
Alex Sallade Daniel Stevens A Historical Evaluation and Recomposition of Prokofiev’s Piano Sonata No. 7, Op. 83 Read Abstract 2017
Alex Sallade Jennifer Shafer Music Analysis and its Impact on Performance Read Abstract 2018
John Saltwick Thomas Epps Casting and Shear-Alignment of Cylindrical Morphologies in Block Polymer Thin Films Read Abstract 2016
Nicole Salvatore Ellen Donnelly Police Misconduct Reform: Assessing the Nature and Impacts of Federal Investigations and Consent Decrees Read Abstract 2018
Ben Sammarco Deborah Delaney Effects of Simulated Honey Bee Hyperpolyandry on Colony Health Read Abstract 2019
Rob Samuelson,
Alex Beyer
Ioannis Poulakakis Gripper Design for A Priori Weight Estimation for an Autonomous Quadrotor Drone Read Abstract 2019
Rob Samuelson Ioannis Poulakakis Autonomous Robotic Navigation in an Environment Cluttered by Obstacles Read Abstract 2018
Nicholas Samulewicz Dionisios Vlachos Optimizing Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalyst Production from Food Waste Through Machine Learning Read Abstract 2019
Lavinia Sanches Steve Amendum Analyzing the Relationship Between Family Involvement and Literacy Achievement of English Language Learners Read Abstract 2018
Kevin L. Sánchez-Rivera Bingjun Xu,
Xuan Yang
Quantitative Study of Shape Evolution of Pd Cubes at Atomic Level using Surface-Enhanced Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy Read Abstract 2018
Wendy Sanchez-Rodriguez Mary Dozier The Relationship Between Diurnal Cortisol and Maternal ACEs in Pregnant Women Using Substances Read Abstract
Mia Sanders Yihang Li Effects of In Ovo Glutamine Injection on Intestinal Development in Broiler Chickens Read Abstract
Mia Sanders Yihang Li In Ovo injection of Glutamine and the Effects on Intestinal Epithelium Read Abstract 2023
Liam-Michael Sandles Catherine Grimes Implementation of a Leaky Outer Membrane E. Coli Cell Line for Characterization of Peptidoglycan Recycling Pathways and Improved Cell Wall Labeling Read Abstract 2023
Jose Santana Stephanie Stotts Development of Rivers And Streams: A Historical Analysis Read Abstract 2016
Jose Santana Malcolm D'Souza,
Derald Wentzien
Geospatial Analysis Contrasting US Obesity Rates and Impacts of Obesity on Dying. Read Abstract 2017
Celina Santiago Louise Reid Nichols,
Chris Church
Foot Deformities and Gait Deviations in Children with Arthrogryposis Read Abstract 2016
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