Summer Scholars


The Summer Scholars Program enables selected undergraduates, generally sophomores and juniors, to conduct in-depth research or creative work with University faculty. Students in the Summer Scholars Program work on their projects full-time for ten weeks in the summer.  Research and creative work is generally completed under the close supervision of a faculty member. Each Scholar will receive a stipend of $4,000.  Please contact the Undergraduate Research Program with any questions regarding Summer Scholars eligibility or how to get involved in the program.

The 2020 Summer Scholars Application is now open.  Click here to apply

Applications Close on March 1st at 5:00pm

*Please be sure to apply to correct program based on the department in which you will be working.  For example, if you are a science major but you will be doing your research with a faculty member in the Art department, you would apply through the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences application.  If you are an Art major but you will be doing your research with a faculty member in a science or engineering department, you would apply through the Science and Engineering application.


  • Application Note: The application system will ask you for the name, department, and email of the faculty member who has agreed to sponsor your research. Once you submit the application, the system will email the faculty member with a link and instructions to upload a letter of recommendation. You are not responsible for uploading this letter to your own application, but you are responsible for communicating with your faculty sponsor so that they expect the email and are aware of the deadline.