Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Marisa Chamness Dayan Knox GR Functionality in the Hippocampus Read Abstract 2016
Kevin Chan Nicole Donofrio Foliar and Soilborne Fungal pathogens: Resistance to the bacterium Bacillus velezensis strain S4 Read Abstract 2023
Isaac Chandler Tyler Van Buren Bio-Inspired Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Read Abstract 2023
Teshree Chandradat Karl Miletti-Gonzalez Potential interaction between the CD44 intracytoplasmic domain (CD44-ICD) and the transcription factor Nrf2 in MCF-7/CD44s cells Read Abstract 2016
Kenjin Chang Timothy Vickery Exploring the Effects of Increasing Working Memory Demands on Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2017
Lorry Chang Ting Yi Gu Study on scanning mirror – Deep Learning Read Abstract 2019
Kenjin Chang Timothy Vickery Exploring the Effects of Increasing Working Memory Demands on Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2017
Peter Chappell Mia Papas Implementation of a Food Pantry at the University of Delaware Read Abstract 2016
Nikhil Chari Angelia Seyfferth Impact of Silicon on Arsenic Dynamics in Flooded Rice Paddy Soils Read Abstract 2018
Kanak Chattopadhyay Suresh Advani,
Evaluation of Pore Structures in Partially Saturated Prepregs via Micro-CT Read Abstract 2016
Michelle Chavanne Jerri Husch,
Jennifer Volk
An Overview of the Delaware Extension Climate Change Coordination Initiative (DECCCI) Read Abstract 2023
Daniel Chaykin Koffi Pierre Yao Reducing or Replacing NMP as Solvent in Battery Electrode Slurry Preparations Read Abstract 2023
Francesca Cheatham Jay Custer Indigenous Icons of the Mid-Atlantic Read Abstract 2018
Wilson Chen Feng Jiao Screening of Multimetallic Oxide Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Read Abstract 2019
Shuzhen Chen Norman Wagner Characterization of carbon black aggregate size and stability in model flow battery electrolyte mixtures Read Abstract 2016
Grace Chen Michael Crossley Upcycling Takeout Waste with Black Soldier Fly Larvae Read Abstract 2023
Qiulin Chen,
Fatou Marong,
Nick Ragan
Elizabeth Orsega-Smith,
Tara Leonard
ANEW-Gold: Aligning Nutrition, Exercise and Wellbeing in older population Read Abstract 2023
Carolyn Chen,
Olivia Jaeger,
Amelia Speed
Jocelyn Alcántara-García Multivariate Classification of Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Data of Archaeological Textiles Read Abstract 2019
Kelly Chen Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff Correlation between Physical Activity and Cognition, Mood, and Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease Read Abstract 2016
Hui Hsuan Chen Jason Weinberger Institutional Antibiotic Prophylaxis Standardization Impact on Open Fracture Outcomes Read Abstract 2019
Brea Chernokal Jason Gleghorn Directed Self-assembly of Vasculature in a 3D Collagen Gel Read Abstract 2019
Justin Chernokal Cathrine Fromen Characterizing Marcophage Cell Signaling from the Phagocytosis of Degrading Nanoparticles Read Abstract 2018
Brea Chernokal Jason Gleghorn Mapping the Morphogenesis of the Developing Vasculature in an Embryonic Chicken Model Read Abstract 2018
Margaret Chesser Roberta Golinkoff Does Spatial Anxiety in Parents Influence the Math and Spatial Skills of their Children? Read Abstract 2017
Margaret Chesser Christopher Kelly School-Based Wellness Centers in Delaware Read Abstract 2018
Wing Cheung Mary Watson Stereospecific Vinylation of Allylic Pivalates to Afford All Carbon Quaternary Centers Read Abstract 2017
Favour Chibueze,
Shane Cronin,
Amanda Barnard
Tanya Gressley Evaluating Rumen In Vitro using two Culture Systems. Read Abstract 2017
Favour Chibueze,
Justin Blair
Amy Biddle Estimation of Bacterial Populations in Response to a Poultry Litter Amendment Read Abstract 2018
Hannah Chidekel Ambika Shenoy,
Aaron Chidekel
Vaccine Adherence and Hesitancy Among Parents and Children with Cystic Fibrosis Read Abstract 2016
Maria Chihuahua-Perez Velia Fowler Investigating the Role of CAP2 in the Lens Actin Cytoskeleton Read Abstract
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