Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Gisselle Garcia Amy Biddle An In Vitro Analysis of the Effects of Firocoxib on the Equine Gastric Microbiome Read Abstract 2018
Joseph Gardner Abigail Donovan Witnessing Devastation: Exploring a potential future through scultpure Read Abstract 2016
Ananya Garg Melinda Duncan The Activation of Fibrotic EGR1 Targets in Lens Cells After Cataract Surgery Read Abstract 2019
Matthew Gargano Gilberto Schleiniger Modeling Tissue Organization with Age Structured Populations Read Abstract 2019
Elise Garner Catherine Grimes Synthesis of Muramyl Tripeptide Derivatives from the Peptidoglycan of Borrelia burgdorferi for Microarray Analysis Read Abstract 2019
Tali Gasko Jules Bruck Rural Community Revitalization through Green Infrastructure Design & Landscape Performance Research Read Abstract 2017
Alpha Gassama April Kloxin Innovative techniques for probing and modulating the mechanical properties of hydrogels Read Abstract 2019
Rachel Gaston Michele Lobo,
Andrea Cunha
Development of Reaching Behaviors Across Time in Infants with Mild, Moderate, or Severe Motor Delays Read Abstract 2019
Ryan Geary Mark Mirotznik Additive Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Read Abstract 2018
Sarah Geissler Jason Gleghorn Incorporation of tailorable extracellular matrices into 3D printed microfluidic microphysiological systems Read Abstract 2019
Stephan Geneus Melinda Duncan The Effect of Age on the Inflammatory Response of Lens Cells after Cataract Surgery Read Abstract 2018
Nicholas Geneva Lian-Ping Wang Simulation of 3D Rayleigh–Bénard Convection in a Cylindrical Cavity using Mesoscopic DNS Read Abstract 2016
Patrick Geneva Guoquan Huang Visual-Inertial Navigation on Mobile Devices with Rolling Shutter Cameras Read Abstract 2016
Allison George Anna Klintsova,
Zachary Gursky
Structural changes to thalamus in an animal model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Read Abstract 2018
Alexander George Jia Song The Role of the Non-canonical Wnt/Calcium Pathway in the Development and Function of Primary Mesenchyme Cells Read Abstract 2017
Nisha George James Galloway, C Effects of BWSS on Spontaneous Lower Extremity Limb Movement of Infants With and Without Down Syndrome Read Abstract 2016
Eryn Gerber Jill Higginson A Novel Design for a Garment-Based Body-Weight Support System Read Abstract 2016
Eryn Gerber Anahid Ebrahimi BWS-Speed Mapping: A Novel Approach for Administering Body-Weight Supported Treadmill Training Read Abstract 2017
Danielle Gerstman Liyun Wang,
Amy Bucha
SimUThor Enhancement for Simulation Study Preparation Read Abstract 2016
Jessica Gibbons,
Ikira Peace
Anjana Bhat “Take Physical Therapy by the Hand and Dance”: The Effects of Creative Dance Therapies on the Social Communication and Motor Skills on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Read Abstract 2016
Cannon Giglio Steven Brown Using the Elastic Net Regression to Select Variables Read Abstract 2016
Olivia Giglio,
Maeghan Anderson
Suzanne Burton Beat Goes On Read Abstract 2016
Brandon Gilbert Sebastian Cioaba Analyzing Graphs through their eigenvalues Read Abstract 2019
Brandon Gilbert Sebastian Cioaba Addressings of Graphs and Networks Read Abstract 2018
Haley Gill Jennifer Semrau Does Proprioception Matter in a Dynamic Bimanual Object Task? Read Abstract 2019
Natalie Ginn Anna Klintsova Effect of Third Trimester Equivalent Alcohol Exposure on Cholinergic Circuitry of the Forebrain in Rodents Read Abstract 2018
Logan Girton Karin Silbernagel,
Patrick Corrigan
Short-term effects of low-level laser therapy on the Achilles tendon in healthy individuals Read Abstract 2016
Thomas Giusetti Romain Valery Roy Torsional Galloping as a Method of Energy Harvesting Read Abstract 2018
Alyssa Givens Heidi Kecskemethy,
Steven Bachrach,
H. Theodore Harcke
Long-term Effects of Bisphosphonates on Bone Health in Children with Cerebral Palsy Read Abstract 2016
Jack Glicker Abby Donovan Cyph: A Vision for the Future of Live Entertainment Read Abstract 2019
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