Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Benjamin Kelly Michael Klein Modeling the Production of Deoxygenated Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oils Via Product Recycling Read Abstract 2016
Kelley Kempski Jill Higginson,
Brian Knarr
Interlimb Comparison of Joint Angle Variability Post-Stroke Read Abstract 2016
Taylor Kenda David Burris Materials Tribology: Atomic Force Microscopy & Design Fabrication Read Abstract 2019
Nicole Kennedy Allison Karpyn Understanding the Impacts of the Wilmington Healthy Beverages in Kids Meals Policy Read Abstract 2019
Christine Kenney Neal Zondlo Oxidative Control of Hydrogels via Thiophenylalanine Read Abstract 2018
Caroline Kerins Lance Winn One to the Power of Love: Researching Video Game Art Read Abstract 2018
Jessica Kerns X. Lu,
Shongshan Fan
Antioxidant from Green Tea Can Protect Cartilage from Degeneration Read Abstract 2016
Ashrith Keshireddy Tatyana Polenova Assessing Computational Procedures for Protein Structure Determination by Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy Read Abstract 2019
Julia Kesselring Kent Messer What’s in a Name: Branding Reclaimed Water Read Abstract 2018
Julia Kesselring Changqing Wu The Antimicrobial Activities of Potato Peel Waste Read Abstract 2019
Pragyan Khanal Jaclyn Schwarz Examination of Maternal Immune Activation on Inflammatory Response of Maternal & Fetal Brain Read Abstract 2016
Pragyan Khanal Jaclyn Schwarz Examination of Prenatal Zika Virus Infection on Inflammatory Response of Maternal & Neonatal Brain Read Abstract 2017
Nadia Khoury Karin Silbernagel Validation of wearable sensors for measuring symmetry while running Read Abstract 2017
Nathaniel Kim Mahya Ghandehari Wavelet Theory Read Abstract 2016
Jihyuk Kim Arthi Jayaraman PRISM Theory Studies to Contrast Solvent vs. Polymer Wetting-Dewetting Behavior in Polymer Nanocomposites Read Abstract 2018
Logan Kim Eleftherios Papoutsakis Engineering the Bacillus stearothermophilus Methanol Dehydrogenase for Improved Methanol Oxidation in E. coli Read Abstract 2019
Morgan Kim Randall Duncan,
Mary Boggs
Release of NGF from Osteoblasts and Osteocytes in Response to Mechanical Load Read Abstract 2017
Adrienne Kim Timothy Vickery Neural representations of wins and losses across different opponent contexts Read Abstract 2016
Brianna Kimmelmann Dayan Knox Testing a New Paradigm; Fear Learning and its Association with Arousal Read Abstract 2017
Alexis Kimpton,
Jatzia Gilzean-Colon,
Yuxuan Wu
Michelle Cirillo The Decomposition of Proof in Secondary Geometry Read Abstract 2019
Jeremy King Alenka Hlousek-Radojcic, Do “I” Look Thin Enough? : Developing a Beginner-friendly Technique for Microscopy Sample Preparation Read Abstract 2018
Alex King Yushan Yan Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Electrolyzers for Hydrogen Production Read Abstract 2018
Emily King Lucas Lu Effects of Statin on the Synthesis Rate of Chondrocytes Read Abstract 2019
Thomas Kitson,
Paula Olaya,
Elizabeth Racca
Mario Guevara,
Rodrigo Vargas,
Michela Taufer
Data Analytics for Modeling Soil Moisture Patterns across United States Ecoclimatic Domains Read Abstract 2017
Christopher Kitson Ajay Prasad Self-healing Membranes via Microcapsules for Fuel Cell Applications Read Abstract 2016
Katelyn Klimowich Michele Lobo Longitudinal Effects of the the Playskin Lift vs Magic Arms Exoskeleton on Reaching Behaviors in Toddlers with Arthrogryposis Read Abstract 2016
Rachel Klink Megan Killian Mechanics of Small and Large Partial-Width Defects of the Rat Rotator Cuff Tendon-to-Bone Attachment Read Abstract 2019
Alexandra Klysa Peter Mende-Siedlecki Racial biases in pain recognition: a perceptual pathway to bias in pain care Read Abstract 2017
Alexandra Klysa Peter Mende-Siedlecki The neural basis of racial bias in pain perception: An fMRI study Read Abstract 2018
Grant Knappe Christopher Kloxin One-Pot Synthesis of an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) for Self-Healing Applications Read Abstract 2017
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