Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Kendall McCoach Angelia Seyfferth Effect of Pyrolyzation Conditions on Rice Husk Chemical Properties Read Abstract 2018
Paris McConnell Megan Wenner Adrenergic baroreflex sensitivity in young women with a family history of hypertension  Read Abstract 2019
Kiersten McCormack Martha Hall Mediating the Role of Caregiver Stress in the Dressing Task for Children with Down Syndrome Read Abstract 2019
Lauren McCrea Chrysanthi Leon Street Life: The Lived Experience of Black Men and the Carceral State Read Abstract 2016
Colin McDermitt Zubaer Hossain Engineering Strength and Toughness via Atomic Scale Stitching Read Abstract 2018
Colin McDermitt M. Zubaer Hossain Using Atomic Stitching to Improve Interfacial Strength and Toughness in Carbon-based Nanocomposites Read Abstract 2017
Madeline McGhee Randall Duncan,
Mary Boggs
Load-induced Crosstalk Between Prostate Cancer Cells and Osteocytes in Bone Metastasis. Read Abstract 2018
Madeline McGhee Kenneth van Golen,
Mary Boggs
The effect of NGF released by mechanically loaded osteocytes on prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration. Read Abstract 2019
Samantha McGonigle Kyle McCarthy,
Ivan Hiltpold
Analysis of Pesticide Residue in Deer Pellets in Urban, Agricultural, and Protected Areas in Delaware Read Abstract 2018
Samantha McGonigle Kyle McCarthy Assessing attitudes and perceptions of human-small cat conflict in the Mamoni Valley of Panama Read Abstract 2019
Anna K McGough Dawn Elliott,
John Peloquin
Damage in Meniscus Tissue Tested by Cyclic Loading and Recovery Read Abstract 2017
Colleen McGovern Christopher Kloxin The Effect of Solution Conditions on the Secondary Structure of Peptides Read Abstract 2017
Grace McIlvain Curtis Johnson Mechanical Properties of the Child’s Brain Read Abstract 2016
Grace McIlvain Curtis Johnson The Mechanical Properties of the Adolescent Brain Read Abstract 2017
Abraham McIlvaine Chengmo Yang ISCAS ’89 FPGA Benchmark Suite State Encoding Read Abstract 2016
Christopher McMahon Ioannis Poulakakis Optimization and ROS Simulation of SPEAR Robotic Leg Read Abstract 2018
Jessica McMahon Sheau Ching Chai The Effects of Tart Cherry on Biomarkers of Vascular Function Read Abstract 2017
Ryan McNulty Maciek Antoniewicz Elucidating Synergistic Interactions in Microbial Communities Consisting of Complementary E. coli Auxotrophs Read Abstract 2016
Lauren Meckler Joshua Neunuebel Using sound source localization to investigate the impact of the reproductive cycle on mouse social communication Read Abstract 2018
Aidan Meese Daniel Cha Aerobic bio-digester for on-site food waste digestion Read Abstract 2018
Aidan Meese Daniel Cha Characterizing Wastewater from Two Munitions Manufacturing Plants and Exploring the Reduction of Insensitive Munitions Compounds Using Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Read Abstract 2019
Luci Mehr Amy Biddle An In Vitro Assessment of the Effects of Phenylbutazone on the Equine Gastric Microbiome Read Abstract 2018
Alexa Meinhardt,
Jaclyn Natalone
Mia Papas,
Maggie Norris-Bent
Understanding the Social Determinants of Health in Underserved Communities: A Partnership with Westside Family Healthcare Read Abstract 2016
Nicole Mejia Ann Aviles ¿Y Dónde Está Mi Gente? Using Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) to Cultivate Culturally Relevant Curriculum that Supports Traditionally Underserved Students Read Abstract 2018
Ashley Melvin Bethany Krumrine Vegetative Response to Marsh Restoration Project at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Read Abstract 2017
Ashley Melvin Bethany Krumrine Vegetative Response to Marsh Restoration Project at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Read Abstract 2017
Branham Menard,
Season Cooper
Dr. Rosalie Rolón-Dow Tell It Like It Is: UD Storytelling Project on Race Read Abstract 2016
Krystal Mendez Zhenghan Qi,
Yi-Lun Weng,
Julie Schneider
Examining EEG Data Retention Differences between Neural Typical Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read Abstract 2019
Krystal Mendez Zhenghan Qi Role of Native Language on Statistical Learning Success Read Abstract 2018
Kerri Mendola Abraham Lenhoff Expressing Hitchhiking Protein Impurities to Study Their Interactions with Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Read Abstract 2019
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