Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Tyler Reagle Joseph Fox Biomedical Applications of Surface-Functionalized Tetrazine and Strained trans-Cyclooctene Polymers in Topics of Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering Read Abstract 2017
Tyler Reagle Joseph Fox Diffusion-Controlled Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres Featuring Cleavable Protein Constructs Targeted by Matrix-Metalloproteinase Activity for Cell-Mediated Response Read Abstract 2018
Michael Rechsteiner Julia Maresca How Biochar Can Help Sustain Our Environment Read Abstract 2018
Michelle Reckner Zubaer Hossain The Solid Mechanics of Perovskite Read Abstract 2019
Casey Redding James Hoffman Semantic Priming Depends on Awareness During the Attentional Blink Read Abstract 2019
Nupur Reddy Murali Temburni Elucidating the Role of Astrocytic Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in Neuronal Synchrony Development Read Abstract 2017
Emma Redman Eric Benson Evaluation of the Efficiency of an Open Source Affordable and Portable Vehicle Undercarriage Decontamination System with Foam Applied Disinfectant Read Abstract 2019
Schuyler Reed Abraham Lenhoff Neural Network Correlation of Protein Retention in Chromatographic Separations Read Abstract 2019
Alyssa Reed Tanis Jessica Identification of the Cellular Expression Pattern of CLHM-1 in C. elegans Read Abstract 2017
Lauren Reich Tania Roth Altering the Epigenetic Landscape: Counteracting the Effects of Early Stress via Epigenome Modification Read Abstract 2017
Tyler Reininga Christy Mannering Communication Leading to Pathways of Collaboration Read Abstract 2018
Nathanael Reinsma Norman Wagner Low Viscosity, High Conductivity, and High Storage Capacity Nanoparticle Suspensions for Flow Batteries via Nanoscale Engineering Read Abstract 2017
Tingchi Ren Sue McNeil Operationalizing the Concept of Resilience: Case study of Flooding in North Carolina Read Abstract 2018
Jaime Renman Marcia Scott,
Julia O'Hanlon
Mobility in Motion: Engagement Efforts Designed to Advance Mobility Coordination in Delaware Read Abstract 2018
Diana Renteria Jason Gleghorn Directed self-assembly of tissues using hydrogel interfaces Read Abstract 2019
Diana Renteria Jason Gleghorn Understanding the role of the physical extracellular microenvironment in leukemic stem cell quiescence Read Abstract 2018
Emaline Reyes Karen Rosenberg Assessing the Role of Fear in Childbirth Planning and Elective Cesarean Sections Read Abstract 2017
Alexa Reyes Changqing Wu Evaluation of Bacterial Isolates from Poultry Gastrointestinal Tract for Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties Read Abstract 2017
Patrick Reyes Jared Medina Understanding Spatial Representation Using the Tactile Simon Effect Read Abstract 2018
Patrick Reyes Jared Medina Understanding Spatial Representation Using the Tactile Simon Effect Read Abstract 2018
Emaline Reyes Karen Rosenberg Hips Don’t Lie: What Pelvic Morphology Can Tell Us About Bipedalism And Childbirth In Humans Read Abstract 2016
David Ribaya Raymond Green A Continual Analysis of the Application of Capnography to Reduce Respiratory Compromise in Rib Fracture Patients Read Abstract 2017
Daniele Richards Ronet Bachman Women and Desistance from Prescription Drug Misuse Read Abstract 2019
Briana Richardson Gabrielle Foreman Post Antebellum Conventions: A Digital Display from The Colored Conventions Project Read Abstract 2019
Hunter Richman Garrett Taggart Understanding the Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Post-synthetic Ligand Exchange in Cu (II) Metal-Organic Cages Read Abstract 2018
Seth Rickey Harsh Bais Preferential colonization of Listeria monocytogenes in Lactuca sativa Read Abstract 2018
Matthew Rigor Jeffrey Caplan Generating ground truth data for object segmentation of mouse and plant tissue Read Abstract 2019
Sean Riley,
Danielle Hess,
Jennifer Storm
Stevie Grassetti,
Ryan Beveridge
Bounce Back Read Abstract 2018
Jacklyn Rind Eric Benson,
Robert Alphin
Evaluation of Alternative Lamp and Dimmer Lighting Technologies for the Poultry Industry Read Abstract 2018
Diana Rios Zhenghan Qi Learning in a Noisy Environment: A Novel Statistical Learning Paradigm in an fMRI Scanner Read Abstract 2019
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