Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Lucy Sullivan Sigrid Langhans Development of Tool for High-Throughput Drug Discovery in Drug-Resistant Medulloblastoma Read Abstract 2016
David Sun,
Michael Lan,
Brian Graham,
Axel Moore
Christopher Price,
David Burris
Mechanobiology of Tribological Rehydration in Cartilage Read Abstract 2016
Connor Swalm Francisco Sayas Exploring Continuum Models of Viscoelastic Materials Read Abstract 2017
Greta Sweeney,
Christina Conlin,
Elizabeth Van Winkle
Vicki Cassman Making Art Accessible: Our Summer at Winterthur Museum and the Salvation Army Read Abstract 2016
Maura Swift Thomas Epps Sugar-Based Thermoresponsive Block Copolymers Read Abstract 2017
Adrianna Szostek Eric Benson,
Robert Alphin
Evaluation of open source affordable and portable vehicle undercarriage decontamination station Read Abstract 2018
Adrianna Szostek Eric Benson,
Robert Alphin,
Daniel Hougentogler
Efficacy of Foam Applied Disinfectants in Inactivating Infectious Bronchitis Virus in the Presence of an Organic Load Read Abstract 2017
Peyton Szymborski Hong Li Thermal Environmental Stress of Broilers During Transportation Affected by Climate Condition Read Abstract 2018
Colton Takata John Henley Comparison of Intrinsic Kinematic Foot Models Read Abstract 2016
Jarrett Talley Harsh Bais A botanical nose- Host preferences in the parasitic plant Cuscuta pentagona Read Abstract 2016
Ryan Talley-McGovern David Edwards Modeling Transport Effects in BIAcore Reactions Read Abstract 2018
Madeline Tallman Megan Killian Labral Microstructure: Dorsal vs. Ventral Morphology Read Abstract 2019
Mark Tanchanco Laurens Holmes, Jr. Implication of Inflammatory Mediators and Coagulation Cascade in Childhood Obesity: Systematic Review and Quasi-QES Read Abstract 2017
Joie Tang Hyosub Kim Characterizing the Effect of Persistent Target Error on Implicit Motor Learning Read Abstract 2019
Antonina Tantillo Signe Bell Putting a Plan into Action: the Washington Heights Blueprint Community Read Abstract 2017
Justine Tarsillo Carl Schmidt FISHing in Chicken Cells Read Abstract 2019
Anika Tasnim Yvette Yien Role of CLPX in the Heme Synthesis Pathway Read Abstract 2018
Alyssa Tate Mia Papas Effectiveness of a Smoking Cessation Intervention on Usage of Quitting Resources Among Delaware Mobile Food Pantry Users Read Abstract 2016
Aaron Tavasi Sherry Sixta A Change of Heart: TTE vs. TEE in Blunt Cardiac Injury Read Abstract 2018
Madeline Tavino,
Lisa Levine
Anjana Bhat The Effects of Dance on Verbalization, Motor Planning, and Creativity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read Abstract 2018
Ashley Taylor Tanya Gressley Evaluating Activation Marker Expression on Bovine Peripheral Lymphocytes in Response to Post-Ruminal Starch Read Abstract 2017
Kylie Taylor Signe Bell Community Engagement and Public Policy Read Abstract 2017
Joshua Taylor Rolf Joerger Enzyme Based Hydrolysis of Mollusk Processing Waste Read Abstract 2019
Erin Tellup,
Amanda Seiwell
Michelle Cirillo Scaffolding the Introduction to Mathematical Proof Read Abstract 2016
Kimberly Tena Diaz Michele Lobo Testing validity and reliability of the novel means-end problem-solving assessment scale Read Abstract 2018
Erick Tepale Kent Messer Computer Programming for Economic Experiments Read Abstract 2018
Justin Terr Wilfred Chen Elastin-Like Peptides (ELPs) for the Simple Purification of Snake Antivenom Peptides Read Abstract 2016
Justin Terr Wilfred Chen LOV is BLISS: Creating a Blue Light Induced SpyCatcher System Read Abstract 2017
Michael Testa Jia Song The Role of Rab35 GTPase in Sea urchin Morphogenesis Read Abstract 2017
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