Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Brandi Wesley Kathleen Splane Bright Spot: Assessing Dietary Changes Read Abstract 2019
Jennifer West Michael Frassetto The Evolution of Criminal Trial in Conjunction with the Spiritual Refocus of Twelfth Century England Read Abstract 2018
Valerie West Justin Parreno Actin Regulates Tenocyte Gene Expression via MRTF Read Abstract 2023
Ava West Jodi Hadden-Perilla Visual Abstractions of Virus Capsids for Improved Data Analysis and Outreach Read Abstract 2023
Charles Whealton Thomas Cender Characterization of Material Response of Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Composites During Loading Read Abstract 2023
Joseph Wheeler Bill Cissel Experiences Working with the Extension IPM Program Read Abstract 2017
Elizabeth Whelahan Jessica Tanis Defining the Localization of Epsin Membrane Protein EPN-1 at the C. elegans Neuromuscular Junction Read Abstract 2018
Dajah White-Dumpson Tiffany Barber Black Women in Art in the 21st Century Read Abstract 2019
Andrew Whitford Jill Higginson Reducing Loads in Joints of Lower Extremities Read Abstract 2016
Michael Whiting David Burris Tribologically Induced Articulate Cartilage Recovery. Read Abstract 2016
George Wieber Thomas Epps Synthesis and Characterization of Bio-based Sustainable Polymers Read Abstract 2016
Hunter Wieman,
Jingcheng Lu
Mark Mirotznik Optimization of Spatially Graded Dielectric Properties for Beam Steering Lenses Read Abstract 2017
Jalen Wilcher,
Holly Miller
Karl Miletti Optimization of a ChIP Assay to assess the wt CD44-ICD binding to the MMP9 gene promoter Read Abstract 2018
Tanner Wilkinson Joshua Neunuebel Investigating the Role Pheromones Play in Social Communication Read Abstract 2018
Bernardus Willems Laurens Holmes Childhood Behavioral and Mental Dysfunction: Implication of Race/Ethnicity and Environmental/Social Factors Read Abstract 2017
Bernardus Willems Amy Griffin Local Field Potential Spectral Analysis in the Hippocampus during a DNMP Task Read Abstract 2018
Bernardus Willems Laurens Holmes Childhood Behavioral and Mental Dysfunction: Implication of Race/Ethnicity and Environmental/Social Factors Read Abstract 2017
Liana Williams Rene Diaz Sussex County 4-H Read Abstract 2018
Nicodemus Williams Lynette Overby Music of the National Colored Convention Read Abstract 2017
Mekhi Williams Mark Blenner Using DNS to Design a High-Throughput Assay for Plastic-Degrading Enzymes Read Abstract 2023
Reid Williams Paul Imhoff Evaluating Causes of Enhanced Soil Aggregation in Biochar-amended Roadway Soils Read Abstract 2019
Molly Williams Kari St. Laurent, PhD Developing a Zooplankton Monitoring Program at the DNERR Read Abstract 2016
Tristum Williams Deb Jaisi Speciation of particulate, colloidal, and dissolved P phases along the continuum from agriculture-dominated runoff to the mouth of the Susquehanna River in the Chesapeake Bay Read Abstract 2016
Jessica Williams Thomas Epps,
LaShonda Korley
Lignin-derivable non-isocyanate polyurethane-epoxy hybrid thermosets with tunable thermal properties Read Abstract 2023
Michael Wilson Mary Boggs,
Randall Duncan
NGF Regulation of Bone-Derived Prostate Cancer Cell Proliferation and Response to ATP Read Abstract 2016
Cassandra Wilson Doug Miller Estimating Size Dependence in Incidental Sea Scallop Mortality Read Abstract 2017
Zachary Wilson Donald Sparks The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Arsenic Cycling and Mobility:pH and Ionic Strength Effects in a Goethite System Read Abstract 2017
Victoria Wilson Elisa Arch The influence of fast walking on personalized Ankle-foot Orthosis use for individuals post-stroke Read Abstract 2017
Joshua Windsor Derald Wentzien Using Data Science to Optimize the Age of NASA Astronauts On a Trip to Mars Read Abstract 2019
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