Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Carlos Cabrera Blanco Rolf Joerger The Effects of Itaconic Acids on Salmonella Strains Read Abstract 2019
Cory Cacciola Cacciola Elisa Arch Training Individuals Post-Stroke to use Passive-Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthoses using Live Bio-Feedback Read Abstract 2016
Needson Cadeau Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert Examination of Topoisomerase II SUMOylation in meiosis of C. elegans males Read Abstract 2018
Victoir Cahoon Malcolm D'Souza Effect of Length of Carbon Chain on Reaction Rates of Chloroformate Esters Read Abstract 2019
Megan Cain Danielle Dixson The Effects of UV-filters on the Survival, Development, and Behavior of the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, Limulus Polyphemus Read Abstract 2017
Megan Cain Danielle Dixson Sunscreen Negatively Effects the Development and Behavior of the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab Read Abstract 2016
Justice Calderon Zubaer Hossain Designing Van Der Waals Heterostructures for Extreme Applications Read Abstract 2017
Mary Callahan Anna Klintsova Nucleus Reuniens Activity in Rats using Spatial Memory Read Abstract 2019
Juliann Callan Tanya Gressley “Evaluating Digestibility of Rumen Protected Choline in Dairy Cows” Read Abstract 2018
Casey Campbell Fouad Kiamilev Software and User Interface for Controlling IRLED Scene Projectors Read Abstract 2017
Casey Campbell Fouad Kiamilev Stochastic Parallel Gradient Descent Read Abstract 2016
Kaitlin Canalichio Chad Giusti Topological Features for Classification of Tear Film Dynamics Read Abstract 2019
Patrick Canning Megan Killian FGFR Inhibition in Mice Tenocytes and MSCs and its Effects on Down-Regulation of Gene Expression Read Abstract 2017
Patrick Canning Megan Killian Sustained Growth of Embryonic Mouse Limb Buds In Vitro Read Abstract 2016
Tess Carella Suresh Advani Fabric and Textile 3D Permeability Characterization Work-Station Read Abstract 2016
Sydney Cargill,
Jing Tian
Paul Imhoff The Effectiveness of DNREC Biosoil-14 and Biochar on the Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Stormwater Read Abstract 2017
Sydney Cargill Paul Imhoff,
Biochar Effect on Plant Growth, Water Availability, and Nutrient Removal Read Abstract 2018
Benjamin Carleton Ronet Bachman Citizen Trust in the Police: A Cross-National Examination Read Abstract 2016
Caitlin Carmody Changqing Wu Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Bacteria Isolated from Poultry Gastrointestinal Tract Read Abstract 2017
Patrick Carney Douglas Tallamy Quantifying the Impact of Reforestation Strategies on Biodiversity Read Abstract 2019
EJ Carron Valery Roy Simulation, Design, and Fabrication of a Torsional Galloping Wind Energy Harvester Read Abstract 2017
EJ Carron Valery Roy,
Ajay Prasad
Experimental Demonstration of Energy Harvesting by Aeroelastic Galloping Read Abstract 2016
Mikaela Carty Angelia Seyfferth Changes in Si Plant-Availability in Rice Paddy Soil due to Rice Residue Incorporation and 3 Years of Rice Growth Read Abstract 2017
Isabel Carulli Jason Gleghorn Molecular Cloning of Growth Factors Critical for Lung Development Read Abstract 2018
Isabel Carulli Jason Gleghorn Pattern formation in bacterial sender receiver networks Read Abstract 2019
Catarina Carvalho Jon Cox The First Apprentice Read Abstract 2018
Michael Caserta Jennifer Gregan How Useful is Marketing in Political Campaigns? Read Abstract 2018
Tahlia Casey,
Dionne Williams,
Juan Viana
Hwan Kim Ubc9 induced SUMOylation protects dopaminergic neurons from oxidative stress Read Abstract 2017
Andrew Casper Flavio Hickel Rhetoric and the American Presidency Read Abstract 2018
Christine Castagna Thomas H. Epps, III Manipulating monomer segment distributions in single-ion copolymers for lithium-ion battery electrolytes Read Abstract 2018
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