Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Catherine Castagna,
Soumyo Biswas
Douglas Rizzolo Testing for Collisions in Correlated Brownian Motion Simulations Read Abstract 2018
Christine Castagna Thomas H. Epps, III Effects of Additives on Block Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries Read Abstract 2017
Nathan Castaneda Olesya Savchenko Enhancing Farmers’ Adoption of Decision Support Tools to Improve Irrigation Management in Delaware Read Abstract 2019
Gabriella Castillo Tanya Gressley Evaluating Blood Metabolite Response to Rumen Protected Choline in Dairy Cows Read Abstract 2018
Gabriella Castillo Ivan Hiltpold Automated Flight Mills: Putting a Spin on Insect Flight Read Abstract 2019
Lindsey Cathcart Deborah Delaney Native Hydrangea Species and Their Cultivars as Food Sources for Pollinators and Other Flower Visitors Read Abstract 2017
Adam Caulfield Chengmo Yang Implementation and Testing of an Energy and Spatial Efficient Clustering Method for Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks Read Abstract 2019
Metehan Cebeci Raul Lobo Investigating Scandium Triflate for Acetylating Phenols Read Abstract 2019
Benjamin Chadwick Harsh Bais Bacteria-fungus interactions: Finding Bacterial Components to Inhibit Rice Blast Read Abstract 2017
Nicolette Chahalis Jason Gleghorn Quantifying Gene Expression in the Embryonic Lung Airway using Fluorescent in situ Hybridization Read Abstract 2019
Johanna Chajes Tania Roth Using HDAC Inhibitors to Prevent Maltreatment-Induced Brain DNA Methylation Read Abstract 2016
Johanna Chajes Tania Roth Effects of Epigenome-Modifying Drugs on Maltreatment-Induced DNA Methylation Read Abstract 2017
Abigail Chambers Rolf Joerger Susceptibility of Soil-Associated  Listeria monocytogenes to Antimicrobials Read Abstract 2018
Brian Chambers,
Gregory Patterson,
Haley Nelson,
Tesa Stone
Amy Biddle Optimizing Molecular Techniques for the Identification of Small Strongyles Read Abstract
Marisa Chamness Dayan Knox GR Functionality in the Hippocampus Read Abstract 2016
Teshree Chandradat Karl Miletti-Gonzalez Potential interaction between the CD44 intracytoplasmic domain (CD44-ICD) and the transcription factor Nrf2 in MCF-7/CD44s cells Read Abstract 2016
Kenjin Chang Timothy Vickery Exploring the Effects of Increasing Working Memory Demands on Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2017
Lorry Chang Ting Yi Gu Study on scanning mirror – Deep Learning Read Abstract 2019
Kenjin Chang Timothy Vickery Exploring the Effects of Increasing Working Memory Demands on Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2017
Peter Chappell Mia Papas Implementation of a Food Pantry at the University of Delaware Read Abstract 2016
Nikhil Chari Angelia Seyfferth Impact of Silicon on Arsenic Dynamics in Flooded Rice Paddy Soils Read Abstract 2018
Kanak Chattopadhyay Suresh Advani,
Evaluation of Pore Structures in Partially Saturated Prepregs via Micro-CT Read Abstract 2016
Francesca Cheatham Jay Custer Indigenous Icons of the Mid-Atlantic Read Abstract 2018
Wilson Chen Feng Jiao Screening of Multimetallic Oxide Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Read Abstract 2019
Shuzhen Chen Norman Wagner Characterization of carbon black aggregate size and stability in model flow battery electrolyte mixtures Read Abstract 2016
Carolyn Chen,
Olivia Jaeger,
Amelia Speed
Jocelyn Alcántara-García Multivariate Classification of Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Data of Archaeological Textiles Read Abstract 2019
Kelly Chen Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff Correlation between Physical Activity and Cognition, Mood, and Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease Read Abstract 2016
Hui Hsuan Chen Jason Weinberger Institutional Antibiotic Prophylaxis Standardization Impact on Open Fracture Outcomes Read Abstract 2019
Brea Chernokal Jason Gleghorn Directed Self-assembly of Vasculature in a 3D Collagen Gel Read Abstract 2019
Justin Chernokal Cathrine Fromen Characterizing Marcophage Cell Signaling from the Phagocytosis of Degrading Nanoparticles Read Abstract 2018
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