Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Dominic Carrea Vincenzo Ellis,
Greg Shriver
Prevalence and Diversity of Avian Malaria Parasites in North American Raptors Read Abstract 2023
EJ Carron Valery Roy Simulation, Design, and Fabrication of a Torsional Galloping Wind Energy Harvester Read Abstract 2017
EJ Carron Valery Roy,
Ajay Prasad
Experimental Demonstration of Energy Harvesting by Aeroelastic Galloping Read Abstract 2016
Jack Cartwright Chengmo Yang Discovering Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Connections via Hijacking Attacks Read Abstract 2023
Mikaela Carty Angelia Seyfferth Changes in Si Plant-Availability in Rice Paddy Soil due to Rice Residue Incorporation and 3 Years of Rice Growth Read Abstract 2017
Isabel Carulli Jason Gleghorn Molecular Cloning of Growth Factors Critical for Lung Development Read Abstract 2018
Isabel Carulli Jason Gleghorn Pattern formation in bacterial sender receiver networks Read Abstract 2019
Catarina Carvalho Jon Cox The First Apprentice Read Abstract 2018
Michael Caserta Jennifer Gregan How Useful is Marketing in Political Campaigns? Read Abstract 2018
Tahlia Casey,
Dionne Williams,
Juan Viana
Hwan Kim Ubc9 induced SUMOylation protects dopaminergic neurons from oxidative stress Read Abstract 2017
Andrew Casper Flavio Hickel Rhetoric and the American Presidency Read Abstract 2018
Christine Castagna Thomas H. Epps, III Manipulating monomer segment distributions in single-ion copolymers for lithium-ion battery electrolytes Read Abstract 2018
Catherine Castagna,
Soumyo Biswas
Douglas Rizzolo Testing for Collisions in Correlated Brownian Motion Simulations Read Abstract 2018
Christine Castagna Thomas H. Epps, III Effects of Additives on Block Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries Read Abstract 2017
Nathan Castaneda Olesya Savchenko Enhancing Farmers’ Adoption of Decision Support Tools to Improve Irrigation Management in Delaware Read Abstract 2019
Gabriella Castillo Tanya Gressley Evaluating Blood Metabolite Response to Rumen Protected Choline in Dairy Cows Read Abstract 2018
Gabriella Castillo Ivan Hiltpold Automated Flight Mills: Putting a Spin on Insect Flight Read Abstract 2019
Janice Castro Gregory Shelnutt Nuestro Granada Read Abstract 2023
Marisol Catalan Olais Veronique Petit Magnetic Fields in B- and Be-type Stars Read Abstract 2023
Lindsey Cathcart Deborah Delaney Native Hydrangea Species and Their Cultivars as Food Sources for Pollinators and Other Flower Visitors Read Abstract 2017
Adam Caulfield Chengmo Yang Implementation and Testing of an Energy and Spatial Efficient Clustering Method for Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks Read Abstract 2019
Metehan Cebeci Raul Lobo Investigating Scandium Triflate for Acetylating Phenols Read Abstract 2019
Jaejin Cha Weisong Shi Electric Autonomous Vehicle Platform for Sustainable Intelligent Transportation System Read Abstract 2023
Benjamin Chadwick Harsh Bais Bacteria-fungus interactions: Finding Bacterial Components to Inhibit Rice Blast Read Abstract 2017
Nicolette Chahalis Jason Gleghorn Quantifying Gene Expression in the Embryonic Lung Airway using Fluorescent in situ Hybridization Read Abstract 2019
Johanna Chajes Tania Roth Using HDAC Inhibitors to Prevent Maltreatment-Induced Brain DNA Methylation Read Abstract 2016
Johanna Chajes Tania Roth Effects of Epigenome-Modifying Drugs on Maltreatment-Induced DNA Methylation Read Abstract 2017
Abigail Chambers Rolf Joerger Susceptibility of Soil-Associated  Listeria monocytogenes to Antimicrobials Read Abstract 2018
Brian Chambers,
Gregory Patterson,
Haley Nelson,
Tesa Stone
Amy Biddle Optimizing Molecular Techniques for the Identification of Small Strongyles Read Abstract
Austin Chambers Clara Chan Quantifying Growth of an Iron Oxidizer and Building Tools to Find Functional Genes Read Abstract 2023
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