Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Malika Iyer,
Elise Ruggiero,
Zoe Lipkin
Matthew Mauriello,
Daniel Stevens
Exploring the Benefit of a Modular Music Listening Device for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read Abstract 2023
Kevin J. A. Johnson Dannagal Young,
Victoria Finney
Media in the Motherland: A Qualitative Study of Modern Russian Media Use and Public Opinion Read Abstract 2019
Charles Jabbour Joshua Zide Development of Metal/Semiconductor PC Switches for THz Applications Read Abstract 2017
Erin Jackson Melinda Duncan The Role of Fibronectin in Post Cataract Surgery Inflammation Read Abstract 2018
Amy Jackson Melanie Chichester Evaluating Third Stage of Labor in Second Trimester Deliveries Read Abstract 2019
Amy Jackson Jennifer Saylor Transition to College Campus Living for Emerging Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Sleep, Stress and Glycemic Control Read Abstract 2018
Julian Jackson Jennifer Lambe The Tensions Between Hate Speech and Free Speech Read Abstract 2016
Erin Jackson Melinda Duncan Exploration of Novel Markers of Posterior Capsular Opacification Read Abstract 2017
Kamaya Jackson Karl E Miletti CD44 Mediated Regulation of Transcription Factors Gene Expression Read Abstract 2018
Marissa Jackson Lynnette Overby Undergraduate Research in Dance: Contributions to the Second Edition Read Abstract 2023
David Jacobson Stephanie Del Tufo We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Tenured: Queerness in post-secondary tenure policy Read Abstract 2023
Hason Jafrey,
Carissa Aekins
Roxana Burciu Changes in Balance in Individuals with Early Stage Parkinson’s Disease Read Abstract 2019
Araf Jahin Yuchen Zhang Enhancing data quality: Integration of internal and external data sources Read Abstract 2023
Daksh Jain Catherine Fromen Leveraging 3D Printing for Lung Model Replication Read Abstract 2018
Gabby Jakobsberg Alyssa Whittaker Choose Health, Food, Fun, and Fitness: Engaging Youth in New Castle County Read Abstract 2023
Ahmed Jalal Al Tamimi Bennett Maruca NASA CURIE Mission: Ground Station Design and Testing Read Abstract 2019
Kelly James Marcia Scott,
Julia O'Hanlon
Best Practices: Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plans Read Abstract 2017
Julia Janeczko John Slater Investigating Hydrogel Elasticity Effects on Focal Adhesion Kinase Phosphorylation Read Abstract 2019
Sarah Janney Joseph Fox Late Stage Functionalization of GalNAc Tetrazine Probes for Real-time Live Cell Labeling Read Abstract 2023
Rose Janvier Karl Booksh Binding Studies of Bovine Serum Albumin on Electrographted Surface Read Abstract 2017
Robert Jaquette Fabrice Veron Observational Study of the Nantucket Sound’s Marine Atmosphere Boundary Layer with application of Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory and Critical Layer Theory Read Abstract 2016
Tessa Jarvis Eric Wommack,
Jeffry Fuhrmann
Production of Latent Viruses from Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterial Symbionts of Soybean Read Abstract 2016
Yuki Jatmiko Alyssa Koehler Diversity of Pythium Species Associated with Snap Bean Production in Delaware Read Abstract 2023
Alexander Jean Francois Melanie Chichester Predicting Postpartum Readmissions for Hypertension Read Abstract 2018
Isabel Jean-Louis Stephen Mortenson Attachment Theory and Child Development Read Abstract 2019
Andreanna Jeffries Jessica Cook,
Malcolm D'Souza
Increasing the STEM Presence on the Wesley Web Site Read Abstract 2016
Charlotte Jenkins Anu Sivaraman Understanding UDance Donor Motivations Read Abstract 2018
Mykel Jenkins Darcy Reisman Stroke and Physical Therapy Read Abstract 2019
Samantha Jennings Lois Stoehr A Wormhole Between Past and Future: How Do Historical and Cultural Programs in Informal Settings Nurture Lifelong Learning? Read Abstract 2023
Austin Jensen Ashley Hostetler,
Erin Sparks
Characterization of brace root development in Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum propinquum RIL population Read Abstract 2023
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