Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Sofia Alfieri Lashanda Korley 3D Printing Spatially Controlled Thermoresponsive Hydrogels Read Abstract 2019
Latifa Ali,
Marisa Bisram
Suresh Advani Study and Behavior of Glass Fiber Tow Wetting Read Abstract 2017
Kamal Alkhatib Jame McCray Climate Change Movement: Teaching Climate Change Through Dance Read Abstract 2019
James Allen Kurt Manal Estimated Muscle Forces Using Different Anatomical Models: Implications for Knee Joint Contact Force Read Abstract 2017
Jane Allen,
Kimberly Ortega
Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia Art and Science Outreach at Winterthur Museum and Salvation Army Read Abstract 2019
Eva Allison Jay Custer Nanticoke Baskets: A Cultural Index Read Abstract 2016
Deeanne Almeida Eileen Jaffe Chromatographic Behavior of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase as a Probe of the Equilibrium Between Alternate Conformations Read Abstract 2018
Anyelo Almonte Gang Wang,
Nerissa C. Brown
Social Media and Financial Perfomance Read Abstract 2016
Chandler Amato Arthi Jayaraman Molecular dynamics simulations of silica nanorods with different aspect ratios in shrinking spherical confinement Read Abstract 2019
Paige Amendum Shunji Tomatsu Elevation of Glycosaminoglycans in Human Blood Samples Read Abstract 2019
Lencho Amente Douglas Buttrey Synthetic Control of Crystallite Size, Shape, and Characteristics of Mo-V-Nb-Te-O (M1 Catalyst ) Read Abstract 2017
Lencho Amente Douglas Buttrey,
Weihua Deng
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium(VLE) in Isothermal Condition Read Abstract 2018
Brianna Ames Robert Alphin Evaluation of Newcastle Disease Virus Reduction in Open Source Affordable and Portable Vehicle Undercarriage Decontamination System with Foam Applied Disinfectant Read Abstract 2019
Erlande Amisial Brittany Zakszeski School-based Programs/Practices for Promoting Mental Health and Socio-emotional Well-being of Multilingual Learners Read Abstract 2023
Katelyn Anderson Dominic Di Toro,
Pei Chiu
Predicting the Rates of Reduction for Munition Compounds Read Abstract 2019
Shaneaka Anderson Megan Killian,
Connor Leek
Localized Expression of Pthlh in the Tendon-Bone Attachment of Normal and Fgf9 Mutant Mice Read Abstract 2019
Jason Anderson Steven Hegedus Mobile Solar Experimental Station Diagnosis Read Abstract 2018
Colleen Anderson Aaron Terry Friendly Reminder Read Abstract 2019
Kara Anderson Amy Biddle Equine Microbiome Project: Outreach Design for Making Science Accessible to Clients and the Community Read Abstract 2019
Katelyn Anderson Paul Imhoff Applying Biochar as Roadway Soil Amendment in New Castle County, DE Read Abstract 2018
Hunter Angle Jessica Tanis Identifying Where the C Type Lection CLEC-1 is Expressed and Localized in C. elegans Using Florescent Reporters Read Abstract 2018
Sudha Anilkumar Elizabeth Wright-Jin Characterization of Cytokine-Mediated Inflammation via Transcriptomics in a Novel Murine Model of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Read Abstract 2023
Medha Annam Heather Bittner Fagan,
Karen Antell
Bringing Light: Opportunities Missed in Breast Cancer Read Abstract 2023
Arvind Annamalai Neal Zondlo Probing the Effects of Phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation in Alpha Helical Systems Read Abstract 2016
Isabella Archer Tania Roth Exploring the Link between Early Adversity, DNA Methylation, and Aberrant Maternal Behavior Read Abstract 2017
Brian Arisman Amy Biddle Quantifying the Reemergence Period of Cyathostomin Populations in Horses following Anthelmintic Treatment Read Abstract 2019
Claire Armann Melissa Ianetta Comparison of Attitudes towards Writing between STEM and Humanities Students Read Abstract 2016
Miranda Armiger Monica Dominguez-Torres,
Jennifer Liston
Pearls and Silk: Constructing the Renaissance woman’s image Read Abstract 2017
Eduardo Arocha Thomas Kaminski The Reliability of the Trail Making Test in Collegiate Athletes as a Baseline Concussion Measure Read Abstract 2017
Eduardo Arocha Thomas Kaminski,
Bethany Wisthoff
The Relationship Between Y-Balance Test Scores and Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool Scores Among Collegiate Athletes Read Abstract 2016
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