Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Sophia Freaney Thomas Epps Shear Alignment of Perpendicular Lamellae in High-χ Star Block Polymer Read Abstract 2017
Lord Freeman Dayan Knox Using Near infrared imaging to examine fear memory-induced changes in AMPA/NMDA receptor ratios in the fear circuit Read Abstract 2018
Katelynn Fry Stephanie Stotts Discharge Precipitation Relationship for White Clay Creek Read Abstract 2017
Sarah Fryer Jessica Quinn Making Renewable Energy Affordable for all Delawareans Read Abstract 2019
Miguel Fuentes Chad Giusti Perceptron Geometries in 2 Layer Feed Forward Networks Read Abstract 2018
Jadira Aurora Fuentes Bautista Kevin Solomon Identifying essential native protein Interactors of Clostridium butyricum Argonaute Read Abstract 2023
Natalie Fuhr Aditya Kunjapur Manipulation of Biosensor Constructs for the Detection of Aldehyde Production Read Abstract 2019
Nathan Fulham Hsin-Wen Lee Making Sense of the Abortion Debate Read Abstract 2019
Madeline Fuller Erin Knight A Systematic Literature Review of the American Opioid Epidemic And What We Can Do Next Read Abstract 2017
Molly Fulton Melissa Melby How Diverse Health Information Can Help New Mothers and Their Babies Read Abstract 2018
Molly Fulton Carla Guerrón Montero Infant Mortality in Delaware: The Significance of Approach Read Abstract 2019
Sam Furio Kent Messer Using Social Norms to Influence Competitive Decisions: A Field Experiment Read Abstract 2017
Mohana Gadde Gulnihal Ozbay,
Lathadevi Chintapenta
Analysis of an Inland Bay for Proposed Aquaculture Sites Read Abstract 2017
Georgia Gagianas Dr. Lynn Synder-Mackler The Effect of Fear and Lack of Confidence on Knee Biomechanics in Athletes after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Read Abstract 2016
Oliver Gambrell Gonzalo Arce Neural Networks and Computed Tomography Read Abstract 2019
Morgan Gannon Malcolm D'Souza,
Derald Wentzien
Data-Mining Impacts of U.S Mortality from Diseases of the Circulatory System, Diabetes, and Neoplasms Read Abstract 2017
Daniel Garcia Elisa Arch Effect of Load Carriage on Ankle Stiffness Read Abstract 2018
Daniel Garcia Elisa Arch Effect of Load Carriage on Ankle Stiffness Read Abstract 2018
Gisselle Garcia Amy Biddle An In Vitro Analysis of the Effects of Firocoxib on the Equine Gastric Microbiome Read Abstract 2018
Johana García Mendoza Giovanna Morini Examining the role of aerobic exercise on second language learning Read Abstract 2023
Joseph Gardner Abigail Donovan Witnessing Devastation: Exploring a potential future through scultpure Read Abstract 2016
Ananya Garg Melinda Duncan The Activation of Fibrotic EGR1 Targets in Lens Cells After Cataract Surgery Read Abstract 2019
Matthew Gargano Gilberto Schleiniger Modeling Tissue Organization with Age Structured Populations Read Abstract 2019
Sarah Garner,
Donna Price,
Alicia Kreiman
Molly Sutherland Analysis of a Putative Heme Receptor Domain for Bacterial Cytochrome c Biogenesis Read Abstract
Elise Garner Catherine Grimes Synthesis of Muramyl Tripeptide Derivatives from the Peptidoglycan of Borrelia burgdorferi for Microarray Analysis Read Abstract 2019
Tali Gasko Jules Bruck Rural Community Revitalization through Green Infrastructure Design & Landscape Performance Research Read Abstract 2017
Alpha Gassama April Kloxin Innovative techniques for probing and modulating the mechanical properties of hydrogels Read Abstract 2019
Rachel Gaston Michele Lobo,
Andrea Cunha
Development of Reaching Behaviors Across Time in Infants with Mild, Moderate, or Severe Motor Delays Read Abstract 2019
Riley Gates Maria Tu Identifying Taiwan’s Everyday Efforts Toward a Cleaner Future Read Abstract 2023
Ryan Geary Mark Mirotznik Additive Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Read Abstract 2018
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