Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Joel Lobban Timothy Vickery Category Learning and Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2019
Alison Lobo James Hoffman Can Emotional Stimuli Overcome the Attentional Blink Without Physical Salience? Read Abstract 2019
Alison Lobo James Hoffman Can Emotional Stimuli Break Through the Attentional Blink? Read Abstract 2018
Austin Lonski Fady Gerges,
Malcolm D'Souza
Molecular Profiling of Malignant Melanoma in the State of Delaware With Demographic Metadata Correlation Analysis- Part II Read Abstract 2017
Austin Lonski Malcolm D'Souza Kinetic Analyses of 3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl Chloroformate Using Titrations and Conductance Read Abstract 2016
Melanie Lopez Eric Benson,
Robert Alphin,
Daniel Hougentogler
Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Foam Depopulation for Poultry Disease Outbreaks Read Abstract 2017
Rene Lopez Karin Grävare Silbernagel Relationship of Muscle Activation Amplitude with Elongation and Mechanical properties of the Achilles Tendon Read Abstract 2017
Erica Loudermilk Angelia Seyfferth Phosphorus and Nitrogen Spatiality in a Delaware Estuary Read Abstract 2016
Savanah Love Stephanie Stotts Investigating Eastern Red Cedars Killed by Salt at the St. Jones National Estuarine Research Reserve in Dover, De Read Abstract 2019
Savanah Love Stephanie Stotts Environmental and Water Quality Projects on Silver Lake, Dover, DE Read Abstract 2016
Bright Lu Larry Holmes,
Mark Mirotznik
Flexural Stress Testing of Copper Parts 3D Printed via Cold Spray Read Abstract 2019
Claire Lubash Louis Rossi,
Nicholas Russell
Mathematical Modeling of Plankton Behavior: Photosynthesis Read Abstract 2017
Henry Ludwicki Saikat Dutta Transalkylation of 2-Methylfuran with 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene for Catalytic Production of 2,5-Dimethylfuran Read Abstract 2017
Jillian Luetje Sheng Lu Communication of Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry Read Abstract 2017
Austin Luna Laurens Holmes,
Benjamin Ogundele
Second Primary Pediatric Malignancy Cumulative Incidence and Mortality: Race, Sex and Temporal Trends Disparities (1973-2014) Read Abstract 2017
Austin Luna,
Mabel D'Souza
Fady Gerges,
Malcolm D'Souza
Incidence and Prevalence of Melanoma (In-situ and Invasive) Along the Demographics Spectrum in Kent and Sussex Counties as Correlated with the BRAF Mutation Status Read Abstract 2016
Jing Luo Sheau Ching Chai Impact of Dietary Fatty Acids on Cognitive Function and Emotional Status in Older Adults Read Abstract 2016
Sabrina Luther Salil A. Lachke The Cataract-associated RNA-binding Protein Celf1 Regulates Hspb8, a key Molecular Chaperone, in Lens Development Read Abstract 2019
Andrew Luu Zhenghan Qi,
Jennifer Legault
Examination of language related brain structures in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read Abstract 2019
Tyler Lyness Erik Thostenson Carbon Nanotube Sensing for Structural Health Monitoring Read Abstract 2017
Branden M Bateman,
Anna K McGough
Sarah Rooney Developing Assistive Seating Device for Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Read Abstract 2018
Jackson Mace Valerie Sampson,
E. Anders Kolb
Effect of CDK4/6 Inhibition in Pediatric Preclinical Models of Sarcoma Read Abstract 2018
Kadisha Mack Mary Dozier Disruptive Behavior: A developmental precursor to maladaptive social information processing Read Abstract 2016
Kadisha Mack Mary Dozier Disruptive Behavior: A developmental precursor to maladaptive social information processing Read Abstract 2016
James Madlock Amy Biddle We have received your updated title – Measuring metabolic changes over time in equine microbiome community. Read Abstract 2016
Rosymar Magana Elizabeth Orsega-Smith The Factors Influencing Cognitive Ability in Older Adults Read Abstract 2016
Ben Maggio Christopher Price The Effects of Acute Impact Injury on Equine Cartilage Explant Health Read Abstract 2018
Haley Magwood Ruth Fleury-Steiner,
Leslye Orloff
Changing Lives: The effects of receiving approved legal permanent residency for U Visa victims and VAWA self-petitioners Read Abstract 2016
Priyha Mahesh Melinda Duncan Canonical WNT/β-catenin signaling in the developing eye Read Abstract 2016
Anas Mahmoud Malcom D'Souza Analysis of the Solvolytic Rates of synthetically useful Lauryl and Hexadecyl Chloroformates Read Abstract 2019
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