Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Kayla Neiderfer Tanya Gressley Impact of Different Buffers on Measures of Post-Ruminal Fermentation Read Abstract 2016
Jonathan Neifert Nicole Donofrio Genetic and Cellular Characterization of Initial Infection Stages of the Rice Blast Fungus Read Abstract 2017
Adrianna Nelson Monica Dominguez Torres Variations in Print Reproductions of a Sistine Chapel Pendentive Represesnting the Story of Judith and Holofornes Read Abstract 2019
Aliyah Nelson Jennifer Carrano Identifying the Effectiveness of Group Mentoring vs Individual Mentoring on Self-Esteem Development in Girls between the Ages of Six through Eleven Read Abstract 2018
Ahlad Neti Elisa Arch,
Martha Hall
Development of Metrics for the User Perspective Oriented Improvement of Ankle-Foot-Orthosis Design Read Abstract 2019
Ahlad Neti Elisa Arch Characterization of Foot Deformation using a Multi Segment Foot Model Read Abstract 2018
Jeffrey Neumann Bennett Maruca Designing a Ground Station Network to Communicate with Multiple Orbiting Missions Read Abstract 2019
Emma Newell Sue Snider Analysis of Nutrition Demonstrations in the Youth Community Read Abstract 2017
Madison Newman Mark Cipolle Gaining a Piece of Mind: The Impact of Decompressive Craniectomy on Patient Outcomes with Severe TBI Read Abstract 2018
Dinh Ngo Sigrid Smith Zooplankton Composition in Delmarva Bays Read Abstract 2017
Dinh Ngo Brigid McCrea Comparison Between Broiler and Buckeye Chickens in Organ Growth and Parts Distribution Read Abstract 2016
TraMi Nguyen John Krais,
Neil Johnson
Examining BRCA1 Expression in PARPi Sensitive and Resistant Cancers Read Abstract 2019
Linda Nguyen Laurens Holmes Delaware Pediatric Cancer Survival, 2004-2014: Racial and Sex Disparities? Read Abstract 2016
Mickey Nguyen Alan Fox Feasibility and Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Foster Care Children Read Abstract 2017
Jaspal Nijjar John Clem Radio Emissions from Jupiter Read Abstract 2016
John Nixon Erica Selva Identifying the Dynamic Oligomerization of Wntless Read Abstract 2017
John Nixon Erica Selva Identifying the Dynamic Oligomerization of Wntless Read Abstract 2016
John Nixon Erica Selva Identifying the Dynamic Oligomerization of Wntless Read Abstract 2017
Alec Nixon Kyle McCarthy,
Ivan Hiltpold
The Sweet Smell of Scat: Identifying Species by Their Scats Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Read Abstract 2018
Eric Noe Paul Imhoff Predicting the Effect of Biochar Amendment on Roadway Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Read Abstract 2019
Rachel Northrup,
Emily Murphy,
Gabrielle Jack
Mary Dozier Psychobiological Development Among Children in Middle Childhood Read Abstract 2019
Anna Nowak Tania Roth Sex Differences in Pup Caregiving in a Rodent Model of Scarcity-Adversity with Maltreatment Read Abstract 2017
Brittany-Ann O'Connell Mark Parcells Interaction of Marek’s Disease Virus (MDV) with Innate Immune Sensors and Signaling Read Abstract 2019
Joshua O'Donnell Lindsay Hoffman Impact of Engaging in Political Podcasts Read Abstract 2019
Robyn O'Halloran Yu-Ping Chin Attenuation of Tylosin by Iron Oxide Read Abstract 2019
Amanda O'Keeffe Mia Papas Food Accessibility: Understanding and Expanding Current Efforts Read Abstract 2016
Rachel O'Sullivan Emily Day Imaging Nanoparticle Distribution in Lung Tissue Explants Read Abstract 2018
Rachel O'Sullivan Emily Day Combination Photothermal Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment Read Abstract 2017
Sylvia Okafor,
Arsh Singh
Nkechi Okwu-Lawrence Laurens Holmes Jr. Pediatric Cancer Incidence, Temporal Trends, and Mortality in the United States by Health Disparities Indicators Read Abstract 2017
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