Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Xiangqi Li Tingyi Gu,
Bennett Maruca
Evaluation of Integrated Silicon Nanophotonic Circuits in Space Read Abstract 2017
Wenbin Li Karl Unruh Inverse Modeling of Diffusion in a Bimetallic Core/Shell Nanoparticle Read Abstract 2017
Daniel Liang Sunita Chandrasekaran Enhancing Performance of Physics Simulations and Linear Algebra Programs Using OpenACC and OpenMP Read Abstract 2016
Dong Liang Francisco-Javier Sayas Vectorized Implementation of Deep Neural Networks and Application to Classification of Signals Read Abstract 2018
Maria Lilley Fabrizio Sergi Belt velocity or acceleration? Identification of key parameters in training propulsion during walking Read Abstract 2019
Maria Limmina Fidelma Boyd Investigating the Role of Bacterial Cell Wall Modifications in Fitness and Survival Read Abstract 2016
Minwei Lin Aditya Kunjapur Biosynthesis and Ribosomal Incorporation of 4-Nitro-L-phenylalanine Read Abstract 2019
Jenny Lin Mona Batish RNAs Found in Exosomes from Ewing’s Sarcoma Read Abstract 2018
Amy Lin Deni Galileo Identification of Microglial Cells During Chick Embryo Brain Development Using Different Markers Read Abstract 2019
Brian Lindner Eric Bloch Synthesis and Characterization of Charged Molecular Cages Read Abstract 2018
Ania Lipat Darcy Reisman Neurophysiologic and Behavioral Mechanisms of Post-Stroke Locomotion Learning Read Abstract 2016
Clare Lipscombe Joseph Fox Synthesis of Functional, Nonsymmetric Tetrazines via Palladium-Catalzyed Cross-Couplings using Organostannanes and Organoboranes Read Abstract 2018
Sabrina Liskey Darrin Pochan Effect of Varying Solution Conditions and External Residues on Nanoparticle Assembly of Peptide Bundles Read Abstract 2023
Jaclyn Littmann Jessica Tanis Investigation of CIL-7 and its Role in Extracellular Vesicle Release Read Abstract 2019
Yifeng Liu Chengmo Yang Compiler Based Fault Injection Experiment Read Abstract 2016
Jingqing Liu Xing Gao Invisible Threats in the Met-Averse: Investigating Roblox’s Security Vulnerabilities Read Abstract 2023
Joel Lobban Timothy Vickery Category Learning and Visual Statistical Learning Read Abstract 2019
Alison Lobo James Hoffman Can Emotional Stimuli Overcome the Attentional Blink Without Physical Salience? Read Abstract 2019
Alison Lobo James Hoffman Can Emotional Stimuli Break Through the Attentional Blink? Read Abstract 2018
Robyn Logue Kevin Solomon,
Akash Vaidya
In Vitro Assembly of Barley-Stripe Mosaic Virus-Like Particles Read Abstract 2023
Maliyah Long Amber Krauchunas Characterization of F57A8.6; a DX domain Protein Read Abstract 2023
Austin Lonski Fady Gerges,
Malcolm D'Souza
Molecular Profiling of Malignant Melanoma in the State of Delaware With Demographic Metadata Correlation Analysis- Part II Read Abstract 2017
Austin Lonski Malcolm D'Souza Kinetic Analyses of 3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl Chloroformate Using Titrations and Conductance Read Abstract 2016
Melanie Lopez Eric Benson,
Robert Alphin,
Daniel Hougentogler
Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Foam Depopulation for Poultry Disease Outbreaks Read Abstract 2017
Rene Lopez Karin Grävare Silbernagel Relationship of Muscle Activation Amplitude with Elongation and Mechanical properties of the Achilles Tendon Read Abstract 2017
Jenna Loquercio Roberta Golinkoff The Impact of Surgical Masks on Children’s Gender Classification Read Abstract 2023
Casey Lorch Laure Kayser Reversibly Gellable Conductive Polymers for Minimally Invasive Electronics Read Abstract 2023
Erica Loudermilk Angelia Seyfferth Phosphorus and Nitrogen Spatiality in a Delaware Estuary Read Abstract 2016
Savanah Love Stephanie Stotts Investigating Eastern Red Cedars Killed by Salt at the St. Jones National Estuarine Research Reserve in Dover, De Read Abstract 2019
Savanah Love Stephanie Stotts Environmental and Water Quality Projects on Silver Lake, Dover, DE Read Abstract 2016
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