Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Laura Smith Abraham Lenhoff Expression of Chinese Hamster Ovary Host Cell Proteins in E. coli Read Abstract 2018
Alaina Smith Jessica Horton,
Jan Broske
Changing Hands: Native Northwest Coast art and its role at the University of Delaware Read Abstract 2016
Marina Smolens Joshua Neunuebel Examining the Relationship between Mouse Vocalization and Spatial Location Read Abstract 2019
Kyle Smyth Matthew Doty,
Chris Milleville
Improved Synthesis and Characterization of Upconverting Nanoparticles Read Abstract 2018
Kyle Smyth Matthew Doty Synthesis and Characterization of Upconversion Nanoparticles Read Abstract 2017
Kendall Smythe Lisa Jaremka Married Couples, How Self-Esteem Influences the Feeling of Belonging. Read Abstract 2018
Kendall Smythe Lisa Jaremka Married Couples, How Self-Esteem Influences the Feeling of Belonging. Read Abstract 2018
Rong Song Norman Wagner Investigating Particle Network Adhesion via Macrorheology Read Abstract 2019
Cathryn Soriano Joshua Duke,
Amy Shober
Do Farmers Plant Cover Crops Only if the Government Pays Them? Read Abstract 2018
Julie Sosa Edna Cukierman Microenvironmental influences on the activation & maintenance of CAFs Read Abstract 2017
Cristina Sosa Jean-Philippe Laurenceau Longitudinal Associations between Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Protective Buffering in Couples Coping with Breast Cancer Read Abstract 2017
Julie Sosa Gary Laverty Structural Influences of Chemical Attractants on Chemosensing in Tetrahymena thermophila Read Abstract 2019
Gloria Soto Lynn Snyder-Mackler The Effect of Split-Belt Treadmill Walking During Tied and Split Conditions on Lower Extremity Kinetics and Kinematics After ACL Reconstruction Read Abstract 2019
Mario Soto,
Geoffrey Ming
Megan Killian Response of Tendon Fibroblast to Modulated FGF Signaling Read Abstract 2018
Mya Soukaseum Yanchun Tang,
Lashanda Korley
Pathway Dependent Mechanics and Morphology in Polymer-Reinforced Gels Read Abstract 2019
Jayme Soyak Lindsay Naylor Urban Agriculture and Youth Aging Out of the Foster Care System Read Abstract 2016
Aaron Spahr Donold Watson Progress Towards the Synthesis of Chiral-NHC Ligands and Their Use in Asymmetric Silyl-Kumada Reactions Read Abstract 2018
Jordan Spencer Kassra Oskooii Black Descriptive Representation and Black political participation Read Abstract 2019
Jordan Spencer Andrew Brown The Presence of Queerness in Baller Culture Read Abstract 2018
Emma Spillman Anna Klintsova Single-Day Postnatal Alcohol Exposure Increases Cell Death on PD7 but does not Decrease Cell Numbers in Adult Rat Prefrontal Cortex and Nucleus Reuniens. Read Abstract 2017
Joseph Spohn April Kloxin Understanding Fibroblast Response to Cell Polarization Using Layered Hydrogels Read Abstract 2016
Joseph Spohn April Kloxin Using Bi-layer Hydrogels to Understand and Quantify Fibroblast Activation via Migration Read Abstract 2017
Joshua Sporre Tobin Driscoll Active Subspace Representation for Stochastic ODEs Read Abstract 2016
Peter Spurrell Thomas Kaminski,
Thomas Buckley ,
Bethany Wisthoff
Examining the Relationship Between Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) Outcomes and Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool (CAIT) in a Cohort of Collegiate Athletes Read Abstract 2016
Morgan Spurrier Joshua Neunuebel Sex Differences in the Acoustic Structure of Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalizations Read Abstract 2016
Matt Stack Sunita Chandrasekaran ACC-BioFVM: Accelerating an open source Finite Volume Method for Biological Problems on GPUs Read Abstract 2019
Haley Stanko Lindsay Naylor Stakeholder Networks That Facilitate Urban Agriculture in Philadelphia Read Abstract 2016
Lindsey Steele Limin Kung Effects of Incorporating Spoiling Corn Silage into a Total Mixed Ration for Dairy Cows Read Abstract 2018
Benjamin Steenkamer Fouad Kiamilev Analog Design Improvements for the SLEDS System Read Abstract 2017
Benjamin Steenkamer Fouad Kiamilev Designing a New Amplifier for the SLEDS Projection System Read Abstract 2016
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