Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Aaron Tavasi Sherry Sixta A Change of Heart: TTE vs. TEE in Blunt Cardiac Injury Read Abstract 2018
Madeline Tavino,
Lisa Levine
Anjana Bhat The Effects of Dance on Verbalization, Motor Planning, and Creativity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read Abstract 2018
Ashley Taylor Tanya Gressley Evaluating Activation Marker Expression on Bovine Peripheral Lymphocytes in Response to Post-Ruminal Starch Read Abstract 2017
Kara Taylor Greg Shriver Effects of phenology and territory intrusion on Carolina Wren behavior Read Abstract 2023
Jenna Taylor Jason Gleghorn Design of a system for microfluidic parallelization of perfusable vascularized tissue models Read Abstract 2023
Kylie Taylor Signe Bell Community Engagement and Public Policy Read Abstract 2017
Joshua Taylor Rolf Joerger Enzyme Based Hydrolysis of Mollusk Processing Waste Read Abstract 2019
Erin Tellup,
Amanda Seiwell
Michelle Cirillo Scaffolding the Introduction to Mathematical Proof Read Abstract 2016
Kimberly Tena Diaz Michele Lobo Testing validity and reliability of the novel means-end problem-solving assessment scale Read Abstract 2018
Erick Tepale Kent Messer Computer Programming for Economic Experiments Read Abstract 2018
Justin Terr Wilfred Chen Elastin-Like Peptides (ELPs) for the Simple Purification of Snake Antivenom Peptides Read Abstract 2016
Justin Terr Wilfred Chen LOV is BLISS: Creating a Blue Light Induced SpyCatcher System Read Abstract 2017
Michael Testa Jia Song The Role of Rab35 GTPase in Sea urchin Morphogenesis Read Abstract 2017
Michael Testa Jia Song Rab35 is Essential for Gastrulation Read Abstract 2018
Taylor Tewksbury Jacqueline Fajardo Improving Educational Accessibility of Water Quality Data Read Abstract 2016
Taylor Tewksbury Greg Shriver Breeding and Migratory Tidal Marsh Bird Community Changes Over Five Years Read Abstract 2017
Olivia Tharp Eric Kmiec Global Analysis of CRISPR-Cas Homology Directed Repair Diversity Read Abstract 2019
Riley Thomas Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia Benedict Codecasa’s Swatch Book: A Snapshot of the Viennese Textile Industry Read Abstract 2016
Summer Thomas Emmalea Ernest Fourth Generation’s First Time Around Read Abstract 2018
Junius Thomas John Koh Design & Synthesis of Potential NSD1 Inhibitors for Pediatric Leukemia Read Abstract 2016
Kaitlyn Thomesen Gilberto Schleiniger Mathematical Model of Oxygen Delivery for HLHS Anatomy Read Abstract 2016
Carter Thompson Laurens Homes, Jr. Prevalence and Health Outcomes of Food Insecurity Among Children in Delaware (2016) Read Abstract 2017
Christian Thompson Curtis Johnson Stiffness of White Matter Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis Read Abstract 2016
Chase Thompson Abby Reeves How To Create Plant Pigments Read Abstract 2023
Victoria Thompson Kristi Kiick Genetic Fusion of Intrinsically Disordered Polypeptides Affords Thermoresponsiveness to Coiled Coil Bundlemers Read Abstract 2023
Brooke Thompson Stephaine Stotts A Cost Benefit Analysis of Wesley College’s Recycling Program in its First Semester Read Abstract 2016
Katina Thongvong Kent Messer Testing and Deploying a Mobile Field Experiment Read Abstract 2019
Katina Thongvong Kent Mess Testing and Deploying a Mobile Field Experiment Read Abstract 2019
Leanna Thongvong,
Deirdre Carter
Ariona Thornton Karin Silbernagel,
Nabeel Alghamdi
Comparison of Lower Limb Muscle Activity In Dominant Versus Non-Dominant Sides During Walking and Jumping. Read Abstract 2019
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