Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Parma Elizabeth Wright Michele Lobo The Effect of the Playskin Lift™ Exoskeletal Garment on Reaching Abilities in Children with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Read Abstract 2018
Alison Wright,
Brian Graham
Christopher Price Sliding-Induced Solute Transport in Enzymatically Degraded Articular Cartilage Read Abstract 2018
Ellie Wright Michele Lobo,
Andrea Cunha
Influence of Parent-Child Interaction on Infant Motor Development Read Abstract 2019
Kylie Wright Jared Medina Neuroplasticity of the Motor Cortex After Subcortical Lesions Read Abstract 2018
Alison Wright Christopher Price,
Brian Graham
Quantifying Solute Diffusivity in Human Osteoarthritic Cartilage via Correlation Spectroscopy Read Abstract 2017
Lucas Wu Dominique Guillot The Positivity of GCD Matrices Read Abstract 2018
Alice Wu Shawn Polson,
K. Eric Wommack
Enriching for Giant Viruses in Environmental Samples to Improve Metagenomic Virus Surveys Read Abstract 2019
Xia Wu,
Hao Liu
Erik Thostenson Inkjet Printed Carbon Nanotube Based Sensors for Strain Measurement Read Abstract 2018
Yuxuan Wu,
Sabin Gaire
Michelle Cirillo Student Achievement in Proof in Secondary School Geometry Read Abstract 2019
Alice Wu Shawn Polson Analyzing the Relationship Between Microbiome and Disease in the Eastern Oyster Read Abstract 2018
Clare Wunder Raúl Lobo Producing Industrially Important Chemicals via Heterogeneously Catalyzed Formaldehyde-Olefin Condensation Reaction Read Abstract 2016
Emily Wunsch,
Amy Trask
Nancy Getchell Prefrontal Cortex Activity in Random vs Blocked Practice Schedules Read Abstract 2016
Minghan Xian Pei Chiu Determining the Electron Storage Capacities of Geochemical Constituents through Chemical Redox Titration Read Abstract 2016
Siyuan Xiang Neal Zondlo C-H/π and S/π Interaction between Methionine and Phenylalanine Can Modulate the Strength of an α-Helix Read Abstract 2018
Siyuan Xiang Neal Zondlo Modulating Orbital Interactions Between Methionine and Phenylalanine in Model Peptides Read Abstract 2019
Nicholas Xiao Huong Nguyen Upgrading Biomass Derived Furans to Value Added Chemicals Read Abstract 2017
Zizhuo Xu Shanshan Ding Machine learning methods for water security and human behavioral response studies Read Abstract 2019
Lufei Xu David Brinley The power of color and short animation exercise Read Abstract 2023
Jingchen Yang Mary Watson Enantioselective alkynylation of oxocarbenium ions Read Abstract 2017
Zhiyuan Yang Joseph Feser Direct measurement of phonon scattering rate using an ultrafast laser Read Abstract 2018
Mengzheng Yao Alan Fox Applying Statistical Methods to the Study of Classical Chinese Philosophy Read Abstract 2016
Joseph Yarbrough John Jungck Modeling Expanding Viral Capsids Read Abstract 2023
Gail Yborra Cory Budischak Benchmarking Energy Use in Delaware: Where Are Now, and What’s Next? Read Abstract 2017
Yihan Ye Keith Decker Exploring Dynamically Branching Structures by Agent -Based Modeling Read Abstract 2018
Charles Yeager Dan Kasper Replacing Inefficient A/C; How to Calculate Savings? Read Abstract 2017
Erin Yizzi Kristi Kiick Analysis of Resilin-Like Polypeptide (RLP) Nanoparticle Stability Read Abstract 2017
Cynthia Yoo Amy Hicks “Godspeed: Exploring the Use of Modern Abstractions and Metaphors to Convey an Ancient Story” Read Abstract 2017
Patrick Young Gonzalo Arce Generative Diffusion for Reconstructing Compressive LiDAR Imaging of Forested Landscapes Read Abstract 2023
Matthew Young,
Jared Wierzbicki,
Benjamin Caro
Herbert Tanner,
Jacob Robinson
Meaghan Young Carl Schmidt The Effect of Heat Stress on Eukaryotic Cells Read Abstract 2017
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