Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Hannah Young Abigail Clarke-Sather,
Kelly Cobb
SnuggleTime Garment – Kangaroo Care in the NICU Read Abstract 2017
Zhen Yuan Jeremy Tobacman Local Labor Markets, Wages and Employment Read Abstract 2018
Mckenzie Yurcaba Scott Siegel Deconstructing a hot spot of advanced breast cancer among younger women in Middletown: An exploratory study on root causes Read Abstract 2023
Nicholas Zahabiun Chengmo Yang Development of a High Speed Data Acquisition System for Phone Charging Cable – Side Channel Key Logging Attack Read Abstract 2019
Redsa Zahran Vijai Parshar Role of phosphorylation of response regulator Vic R in c-di-AMP mediated S.mutans Biofilm formation Read Abstract 2019
Danny Zang Michael Frassetto Concepts of Tribes, States, and Islam in the 7th Century Middle East Read Abstract 2019
Raymond Zayas Andreas Malikopoulos Designing & Implementing Computer Vision in a Decentralized Traffic Environment Simulation Read Abstract 2018
Raymond Zayas Andreas Malikopoulos Designing and Producing a Next Generation Scaled Vehicle Read Abstract 2019
Natalie Zelenky Robert Dyer E. coli Endotoxin Activates Proinflammatory Cytokine Secretion in Immune Cells of Bovine Spleen and Mesenteric Adipose Tissue Read Abstract 2016
Caitlyn Zeller John Jungck Origami of Viral Capsids Read Abstract 2023
Ioannis Zerefos Eleftherios Papoutsakis Improving Methanol Tolerance of Escherichia coli Improves Methanol Utilization Read Abstract 2019
Wei Zhang Keith Decker Exploring Stable Structures for Tissue Organization by Agent-Based Modeling Read Abstract 2019
Xuedi Zhang Yvette Yien Characterization of Fam210b Protein-Protein Interactions with Mitochondrial Heme Synthesis Enzymes Read Abstract 2018
Wenzhen Zhang Ivan Todorov Non-local Game Players in Quantum Games Read Abstract
Qi Zhang April Kloxin,
Eric Furst
Probing Remodeling of Responsive Synthetic Extracellular Matrices with Nanoscale Characterization Techniques to Expand the 3D Cell Culture Toolbox Read Abstract 2023
Tiange Zhang Xin Lu Adverse Effects of Kenalog Treatment on Bovine Cartilage Explants Read Abstract 2018
Tiange Zhang X. Lucas Lu Resveratrol for the Protection of Articular Cartilage Read Abstract 2017
Ziyu Zhao Christopher Raymond Bifurcation Analysis of Models for Tissue Organization with Feedback Control Read Abstract 2019
Stella Zhao Jaclyn Schwarz Prenatal Zika Virus Infection Alters Later Life Immune Function in Adult Rats Read Abstract 2019
Grant Zhao Andrew Novocin Implementing Machine Learning in Intrusion Detection Systems for Small Businesses Read Abstract 2018
Xiaxin Zhong Beth Morling So Far: Cultural Differences in Feedback Exchange Read Abstract 2016
Chuhan Zhou Karen Johnston Teen Leadership Development Read Abstract 2016
Chu Zhou Karen Johnston An Ongoing Race with the Internet Read Abstract 2017
Gina Zhu Donald Sparks Impacts of Sorption on Soil Organic Carbon Reactivity Associated with Hydrous Manganese Oxide Read Abstract 2016
Grayson Ziegler Tyson Sukava The Effect of Danish Colonialism on Icelandic and Faroese Phonology Read Abstract 2019
Catherine Zimmerman Tania Roth Effects of 5-aza-2’-deoxycytidine on DNA Methylation in the PFC of Adolescent Long Evans Rats Following Differential Maternal Care Read Abstract 2018
Catherine Zimmerman Tania Roth Preventative Effects of Valproic Acid on Maltreatment-Induced DNA Methylation within the Infant Prefrontal Cortex Read Abstract 2019
Pasquale Zingo Sebastian Cioaba Q-ary Addressings of Graphs Read Abstract 2016
Caroline Zu Mark Blenner Discovery and characterization of polyethylene degrading microbes from the gut of the yellow mealworm Read Abstract 2023
Caroline Zu Mark Blenner Discovery and characterization of polyethylene degrading microbes from the gut of the yellow mealworm Read Abstract 2023
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