Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Emily Moulton Dayan Knox Glucocorticoid receptor internalization in the hippocampus in an animal model of post traumatic stress disorder Read Abstract 2017
Emily Moulton Dayan Knox GR Function in the mPFC and Amygdala in the Single Prolonged Stress Model Read Abstract 2016
Christine Mourafetis April Kloxin,
Wilfred Chen
Constructing Spatially Organized Hydrogels for Controlled Protein Release Read Abstract 2016
Kassandra Moyer Tanya Gressley Characterization of Urea Release Rates from Slow Release Urea Products Read Abstract 2016
Nicole Moylett Joseph Feser Laser System Spot Size Variance and Optical Enhancement Read Abstract 2016
Miyu Mudalamane Aditya Kunjapur An Improved Strain for Aromatic Aldehyde Stability: Recoded RARE Read Abstract 2023
Colleen Mueller Federica Bianco,
Gregory Dobler
Measuring Tobacco Advertisement Exposure in the Streets of Wilmington Read Abstract 2019
Megan Muench Jaclyn Schwarz Examining the impact of neuroimmune dysregulation on social interaction and social memory in male and female juvenile rats Read Abstract 2019
Priscilla Muhanji Harsh Bais Law of Attraction- Cuscuta campestris’s proclivity towards infected hosts Read Abstract 2017
Makenzie Mullen Jennifer Gallo-Fox Developing and Testing Microbe/Bacteria Curriculum Read Abstract 2018
Thomas Mullenberg,
Rocco Dumnich,
Michael Schleider
Richard Martin,
Mohsen Badiey
Project WiCCED Read Abstract 2023
James Mullin Emily Day Intracellular Delivery of miR-34a and ABT-737 via PLGA Nanoparticles to Treat Triple Negative Breast Cancer Read Abstract 2019
Madison Mullins,
Haley Ringenary,
Lizzy Marano
Mary Dozier Working with High-Risk Families Read Abstract 2017
Alex Mulrooney Austin Brockmeier fMRI Encoding of Visual Cortex with Contrastive Learning Read Abstract 2023
Laura Mumper Christopher Kloxin Kinetic Analysis of Thiol-Ene Photo-Polymerization Reactions Incorporating Charged Monomers Read Abstract 2016
Natalie Muneses Chandran Sabanayagam Developing a Micro-Fraction Collector using Fluorescence Microscopy Read Abstract 2016
Sofia Munn Jesus Cruz EspaƱoles in Brooklyn: Pre and Post War Migrations, Communities, and Organizations Read Abstract 2017
Darline Murat Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert The Effects of Reducing Condensin in the mutant topoisomerase allele, top-2(it7), during C. elegans Meiosis Read Abstract 2019
Kudakwashe Murinda Donald Watson Ruthenium Catalyzed Synthesis of Chiral Amines from Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Nitroalkanes Read Abstract 2019
Michael Murphy,
Kathryn Leyden
Alfred Atanda Potential of Telemedicine to Streamline Orthopedic Transfers to a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center Read Abstract 2018
Sarina Murray Calvin Keeler,
Cynthia Boettger,
Kelly Mulholland
Host Responses to Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Read Abstract 2017
Shannon Murray Doug Crouse,
Elizabeth Morris
4-H Day Camp Read Abstract 2019
Lisa Mwanza Joshua Zide Applying Thermoelectric Power Generation To Whale Tracking Devices Read Abstract 2016
Tyler Myers Mia Papas E-cigarette Policies and Practices Within the State of Delaware Read Abstract 2016
Melchizedek Myers Rochelle Haas Vestibular/Ocular Motor Dysfunction in Concussion: A Predictor of Protracted Recovery? Read Abstract 2016
Catherine Nadar Jared Medina Examining Somatosensory and Motor Reorganization after Stroke using fMRI Read Abstract 2017
Catherine Nadar Jared Medina The Neural Basis of Visual-Tactile Multisensory Integration Read Abstract 2018
Taras Nagornyy Christopher Kloxin Covalent Adaptable Network Materials Read Abstract
Taras Nagornyy Christopher Kloxin Covalent Adaptable Network Materials Read Abstract
Rohan Narayan Wilfred Chen Mechanistic Studies and Reengineering of the MIB/MIP System Read Abstract 2017
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