Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Jennifer Fanelle Tobin Driscoll Automatic Alignment of Signals for Dimension Reduction Read Abstract 2016
Fouad Farag Luis Cardenas,
John Getchell
Goal Directied Fluid Therapy management in Large Ventral Hernia Patiens Based on ClearSight Monitor Read Abstract 2018
Abigail Farkash Dayan Knox Using Near Infrared Imaging to Examine the Effect of Fear-learning Induced Plasticity in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Dorsal Hippocampus Read Abstract 2019
Monika Farmer Eric Benson Improving Depopulation Operations in Cold Weather Read Abstract 2018
Zarek Fasoranti James Hoffman The Absence Of A Spatial Component In Emotion Induced Blindness Read Abstract 2019
Anna Faunce Jennifer Semrau A Dynamic Robotic Task for Measuring the Modulation of Kinesthesia: A Pilot Study Read Abstract 2019
Michelle Favichia Neal Zondlo Controlling Gel Formation in Nucleoporin-Derived Peptides by Phosphorylation and Increasing Hydrophobicity Read Abstract 2018
Michelle Favichia Ramona Neunuebel Determining the effects of Legionella pneumophila SidE family effector proteins on host endocytic recycling pathways Read Abstract 2019
Stephen Fendt John Koh Optimizing Thyroid Hormone Receptor Probes for use in Fluorescent Labelling Read Abstract 2017
Teresa Ferrara Anahid Ebrahimi Altered Gait Parameters of Healthy Individuals While Walking with Varying Levels of Restricted Ankle Function Read Abstract 2016
Dan Ferraro Greg Hanket,
Bill Shafarman
Surface Sulfurization Effects on Thin Film Cu(InGa)Se2 Solar Cells Read Abstract 2016
Sloan Ferron Peter Mende-Siedlecki The Relationship Between Biased Perception of Pain and Anger on Black Faces Read Abstract 2018
Theodore Fessaras,
Andrew Shi
Mark Mirotnzik Rough surface capable fluid dispenser for chemical detection applications Read Abstract 2018
Natalie Field,
Ameha Kottam
Mary Dozier Trajectory of Fidelity of Certified Parent Coaches Read Abstract 2018
Florence Fields Angelia Seyfferth Impacts of silicon on chlorophyll content in rice tissues Read Abstract 2019
Ta-Brea Fields-Miller Sandra Medinilla Stop the Bleed in Wilmington: An Urban Application for Bleeding Control Read Abstract 2018
Anthony Filippini Laurens Holmes Race-Specific and Age-Adjusted Childhood Immunization Prevalence: Prospects for Diverse Culture Subpopulation Optimization Read Abstract 2016
Jean Filo Zhihao Zhuang Probing Ubiquitin’s Role in the Regulation of Gene Expression Read Abstract 2019
Tyler Findlay Esther Biswas Isolation of Chicken Immunoglobulin-Y for Application in Western Blot Analysis of Human ABCA4 Read Abstract 2018
Nicholas Finelli Erica Selva In Culture Functional Analysis of Wls Oligomeric State Read Abstract 2019
Nicholas Finelli,
Mia Moore
Erica Selva Examining the Role of C-Terminal GFP on Wntless Oligomerization Read Abstract 2018
Emma Fink Thomas Buckley Concussion Does Not Impair Trails A & B Neurocognitive Performance Read Abstract 2019
Jacob Fish Thomas Buchanan,
Subject Specific Finite Element Modeling of the Knee Joint After ACL Reconstruction Read Abstract 2016
Benjamin Fisher Sha Li,
Stavros Caratzoulas
Renewable Butadiene Production from Tetrahydrofuran in P-beta: A Mechanistic Study Read Abstract 2017
Leah Fisher Kurt Manal Musculoskeletal Modeling of Patellofemoral Contact Force While Walking 3 Months After ACL Reconstruction Read Abstract 2019
Ellie Fleming Eve Buckley Gender Policy in Argentina Read Abstract 2019
Carly Flink Tanya Gressley Evaluating Bioavailability of a New Rumen-Protected Lysine Prototype in Dairy Cows Read Abstract 2019
Micayla Flores Aaron Chidekel The Effects of Chronic Illness on Sleep, Anxiety and Quality of Life in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma Read Abstract 2018
Rigoberto Flores,
Wildo Mejia,
Lindsey Perez-Perez
April Veness Getting Into and Through College: Road Maps Used, and Challenges Faced by Southern Delaware Hispanic Students and Their Families Read Abstract 2018
Julianna Follmar Catherine Grimes Metabolic Labeling of Bacterial Cell Walls Using Fluorine-Containing N-Acetyl-Muramic Acid (NAM) Derivatives for Mapping Molecules in the Microbiome-Brain Connection Read Abstract 2019
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