Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Grant Knappe Christopher Kloxin Novel Mechanophores for Self-Healing and Strengthening Polymer Systems Read Abstract 2016
Amoni Knight Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff The Relationship between Upper Body Function to Quality of Life in People with Parkinson’s Disease Read Abstract 2016
Heidi Knutsen Martha Hall,
Sean Healy
Motivational Fitness Tracker for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Read Abstract 2019
Minji Kong Lori Pollock Increasing Understanding of Students’ Programming Process through Scratch Programming Event Data Analysis Read Abstract 2019
Nicholas Konzelman Troy Mix Small Business Trends and Conditions in Delaware Read Abstract 2017
Caroline Kook David Burris Elucidating How Articulation Amplitude, Contact Area, and Stress, Affect Fluid Load Support of Cartilage and Joints Read Abstract 2018
Nomerra Koreshi Melissa Alderfer Beyond Parents: The Role of Extended Family in Sibling Adjustment to Pediatric Cancer  Read Abstract 2018
Katherine Kornienko Hye-Shin Kim The Psychological Impact of Cognitive Dissonance on Apparel Product Returns Read Abstract 2017
Ryan Kowash,
Gabriel Masters
Shirin Modarai,
Lynn Opdenaker,
Bruce Boman
Expression of ALDH Isoforms in Colon Tumorigenesis Read Abstract 2017
Nicole Kozak Peter Mende-Siedlecki Perceptual Mechanisms Supporting Racial Bias in Pain Care Read Abstract 2018
Marielle Kraft Lynette Overby South African and U.S. History: A Curriculum to Teach the Art of Understanding Culture Read Abstract 2016
Anna Krammes,
Tristan Leung,
Danny Piñeyro
Suzanne Burton The Beat Goes On Read Abstract 2017
Grace Kresge Thomas H. Epps, III Bio-based Styrene Alternatives in Block Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Electrolytes Read Abstract 2017
Nicole Kreuzberger Emily Day Spherical Nucleic Acid Architecture Improves the Efficacy of Polyethylenimine-Mediated siRNA Delivery Read Abstract 2017
Nicole Kreuzberger Emily Day Synthesis of Polyethylenimine (PEI) Coated Spherical Nucleic Acids for Enhanced siRNA Delivery Read Abstract 2016
Kaitlyn Krewson Jason Gleghorn Determination and Control of Expression Levels of TRPV4 Protein in Mouse Lung Epithelium Read Abstract 2017
Kaitlyn Krewson Jason Gleghorn Investigating the Role of FGF-7 on the Growth of Embryonic Mouse Lungs Read Abstract 2018
Sarah Kriebel Christina Wesolek Using Pedagogy Standards to Revise Course Materials: SCEN 101: Physical Science and Astronomy Read Abstract 2016
Simran Kripalani Melissa Alderfer The Family Experience of Siblings of Children with Cancer: A Comparison of Sibling and Parent Reports Read Abstract 2017
Varsha Kripalu Mia Papas Race, Education, and Health Factors Impact Smoking Cessation Behaviors in Mobile Food Pantry Users Read Abstract 2016
Charlotte Kronick Julie Hubbard Gender Differences in Children’s Response to Peer Aggression Read Abstract 2018
Sarah Kubat Erin Sparks Determining the Regulatory Relationship Between NLP7 and DREB Transcription Factors Under Well-Watered and Water Limiting Conditions Read Abstract 2018
Alexander Kuczykowski Jiayi Fu Selective Hydrodeoxygenation of Furfuryl Alcohol over Ultra-Low Loading Catalysts Read Abstract 2018
Pallavi Kulkarni Shuo Wei The Role of ADAM9 in Colorectal Cancer Read Abstract 2019
Pallavi Kulkarni Shuo Wei The Effects of ADAM9 on Akt Activity in Colorectal Cancer Read Abstract 2018
Alexander Kulyk Curtis Johnson Quantification of Brain Tumor Stiffness and Heterogeneity from MRE Images Read Abstract 2016
Sharon Kung Sonali Barwe Epigenetic Therapy in Overcoming Bone Marrow Microenvironment Mediated Chemoprotection of Leukemia Cells Read Abstract 2019
Robert Kuntz Jules Bruck Rural Community Revitalization through Green Infrastructure Design & SITES Assessment Read Abstract 2018
Steven Kuntz Dionisios Vlachos Machine Learning for Feature Determination and Activation Energy Predictions Read Abstract 2017
Steven Kuntz Dionisios Vlachos Identification of Descriptors in CO Oxidation via Principal Component Analysis Read Abstract 2018
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