Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Analise Kaminski,
Michaela Meyer
Iva Obrusnikova Using Innovative Strategies to Assess Food and Physical Activity among Adults with ID Read Abstract 2019
Samantha Kasehagen,
Shannon McNaul
Michelle Cirillo Proof in Secondary Classrooms: Finding Patterns in Student Thinking Read Abstract 2018
Amanda Kasman,
Karissa Muratore
Vicki Cassman Nancy’s Dollhouse: Conserving a Miniature Mansion Read Abstract 2016
Julia Katcher O. Sue Snider Approaches for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Children Participating in “Up for the Challenge” Read Abstract 2016
Joseph Katz Hakeem Lawal,
Y. Hwan Kim
Assessing Synergistic Damage of Commercially Available Pesticides in Parkinson’s Disease fly Model. Read Abstract 2016
Claire Kaufmann Matthew Robinson What’s Your Name? Why that Image? Where’s Your Likes?: The Future of Name, Image, & Likeness for Collegiate Athletes Read Abstract 2023
Simran Kaur Tania Roth The Effect of Zebularine on Maternal Caregiving in a Rodent Model of Caregiver Maltreatment Read Abstract 2016
Simran Kaur Amiee Jaramillo-Lambert Characterization of nurf-1 mutations in suppressing of top-2-induced embryonic lethality in C. elegans. Read Abstract 2023
Malak Kawan Jeffrey Rosen Differential Expression of Immediate Early Genes of Juvenile Rats After Contextual Fear Conditioning Read Abstract 2016
Elizabeth Kaye John Jeka Mechanisms of balance control during walking Read Abstract 2018
Gavin Keefe Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert Investigating the role of MRE-11 in the top-2(it7) pathway during meiosis in C. elegans. Read Abstract 2018
William Keilsohn Douglas Tallamy The Impacts of Roadside Habitat on Insect Traffic Mortality Read Abstract 2016
Alexandra Keith Kaitlin Klair 4-H Summer Youth Development Read Abstract 2016
Semaj Kelly Anja Nohe CK2.3 Peptide Decreases Osteoclast Activity En Route to Cure Osteoporosis Read Abstract 2019
Maura Kelly Ashley Pigford Visualizing my Creative Voice Read Abstract 2023
Alyssa Kelly Kali Kniel A One Health Approach to Risk Reduction for Policy Development in Produce Safety Read Abstract 2018
Olivia Kelly Thomas H., III Epps Polymer blend electrolytes with enhanced room temperature conductivity for lithium-ion batteries Read Abstract 2023
Benjamin Kelly Michael Klein Modeling the Production of Deoxygenated Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oils Via Product Recycling Read Abstract 2016
Kelley Kempski Jill Higginson,
Brian Knarr
Interlimb Comparison of Joint Angle Variability Post-Stroke Read Abstract 2016
Taylor Kenda David Burris Materials Tribology: Atomic Force Microscopy & Design Fabrication Read Abstract 2019
Nicole Kennedy Allison Karpyn Understanding the Impacts of the Wilmington Healthy Beverages in Kids Meals Policy Read Abstract 2019
Christine Kenney Neal Zondlo Oxidative Control of Hydrogels via Thiophenylalanine Read Abstract 2018
Caroline Kerins Lance Winn One to the Power of Love: Researching Video Game Art Read Abstract 2018
Jessica Kerns X. Lu,
Shongshan Fan
Antioxidant from Green Tea Can Protect Cartilage from Degeneration Read Abstract 2016
Adam Kerzner Ramona Neunuebel Characterizing PIP-binding Legionella Pneumophila effector proteins using Halo-tag and GFP constructs Read Abstract 2023
Ashrith Keshireddy Tatyana Polenova Assessing Computational Procedures for Protein Structure Determination by Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy Read Abstract 2019
Julia Kesselring Kent Messer What’s in a Name: Branding Reclaimed Water Read Abstract 2018
Julia Kesselring Changqing Wu The Antimicrobial Activites of Potato Peel Waste Read Abstract
Julia Kesselring Changqing Wu The Antimicrobial Activities of Potato Peel Waste Read Abstract 2019
Pragyan Khanal Jaclyn Schwarz Examination of Maternal Immune Activation on Inflammatory Response of Maternal & Fetal Brain Read Abstract 2016
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