Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Paul Schultz Lisha Shao Social Density and Feeding Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster Read Abstract 2023
Rachel Schwab Bruce Tychinski Melodic Playing in the Low, Middle, and High Registers of the Trombone: An Online Pedagogical Etude Resource. Read Abstract 2017
Danielle Schwartz Peter Mende-Siedlecki Gender and Individual Differences in Emotional Processing and Personality on Pain Perception Read Abstract 2018
Matthew Scott Ryan Zurakowski Rate comparisons of 2-LTR circle formation in active and quiescent HIV-infected cells Read Abstract 2016
Heather Scott Maria Purciello Patronage, Propaganda, & the Intertwining of Sacred and Secular Realms Read Abstract 2023
Ashanti Scott Qi Lu The Impact of Gold or Silver Nanoparticles on the Phase of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles and the Viability of Cells Read Abstract 2018
Kezia Sebuabe Naomi Samini-Sadeh,
Ana Sheehan
Racial Differences in Associations between PTSD Dissociative Symptoms and Structural Barriers to Care Read Abstract 2023
Corrine Seehusen Ambika Shenoy,
Lauren Greenawald
Lung Nodules in Pediatrics: Presentation, Evaluation and Diagnosis Read Abstract 2018
Anna Sefil Amy Hicks What is Going on Inside Their Heads?: A Look Behind the Human Expressions Read Abstract 2019
Tyler Seidel Paul Imhoff Examining the Effect on Water Retention of Soils Amended with Biochar Read Abstract 2016
Samantha Seidenberger Roberta Golinkoff Puzzle-Play Frequency and Socioeconomic Status in the Development of Spatial Assembly Read Abstract 2018
Jesse Semmel,
Radhey Patel,
Matt Gallion,
Andrew Kacmarcik
Dennis Prather Design and Demonstration of a Wireless Communication System Read Abstract 2016
Christopher Sepka Danielle Lee,
Mark Nejad
Two-Sided Electricity Auction Mechanism Incorporating X2G Read Abstract 2023
Agatha Seretni Uchi Michael J. Chajes,
Christopher Williams,
Jeffrey Summerhays
Developing A Rapid Assessment System For Evaluating The Energy Efficiency Of University Of Delaware Buildings Read Abstract 2023
JC Sergent Andy Novocin Image Segmentation: The Next Step in Image Detection Read Abstract 2019
Julia Serjantova Chi Keung Lam Mapping Binding Domains between HAX1, HSP90, and PLN Read Abstract 2023
Juliana Serrano Sharon Rozovsky Developing a Method for Co-Expression of Multiple Membrane Proteins in Pichia Pastoris Read Abstract 2019
Krisztina Sershen Deni Galileo Flow Cytometry Analysis of the Differentiation of Stem Cells Using Staining Procedures with Various Markers Read Abstract 2023
Stefanie Severin Mark Parcells Insertion of the Marek’s Disease Virus Virokine vIL8 (aka vCXCL13) into a Vaccine Strain Read Abstract 2023
Zachary Sexton Jason Gleghorn Developing Microfluidic Models for Fluid Stresses in Complex Epithelial Networks Read Abstract 2016
Tyler Shade,
Nicole Carmichael
Steven Peuquet Fair Housing Read Abstract
Sejal Shah Christopher Price,
Michael David
Free vs. Encapsulated Zoledronic Acid for Preventing Cartilage Degeneration in a Co-culture Model of PTOA Read Abstract 2017
Areej Shahid Joshua Zide Characterization of Electronic and Photonic Nanomaterials Read Abstract 2018
Connor Shannon Millicent Sullivan Covalent Crosslinking of H3 Tails and PEI for use in Gene Delivery Read Abstract 2016
Connor Shannon Millicent Sullivan Covalent Crosslinking H3 tails and PEI for Gene Delivery Purposes Read Abstract 2017
Jacob Shapiro David Colby Creation of cDNA Libraries to Find Protein-Protein Interaction Partners Read Abstract 2016
Azeem Sharief Catherine Fromen 3D Printed Human Trachea Models for Deposition Studies Read Abstract 2018
Ishika Sharma Vincenzo Ellis Selective Whole Genome Amplification Shows Potential for Sequencing Avian Malaria Pathogen Genomes Read Abstract 2023
Nicholas Sharp Abby Reeves The Effects Of Light Availability On Plant In Small Space Container Gardens Read Abstract 2023
William Sharp Jason Gleghorn Using Machine Learning to Advance Protein Understanding through Contrastive Language Alignment Read Abstract 2023
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