Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Sarah Tuoni Mary Watson Synthesis of Tertiary Benzylic Pivalate Substrates for Stereospecific Borylation Optimization Read Abstract 2023
Iris Turner Emerald Chistopher-Byrd Twenty-First Century Jane Crow: Racialized and Gendered Violence Against Black Women Read Abstract 2017
Casey Tyler Adriana Gorea Eco-Conscious Machine Knitting with Innovative 3D Motifs Read Abstract 2023
Brooklyn Tyndall Christopher Price Effects of Hyaluronic Acid on the Lubrication of Degraded Articular Cartilage Under Biofidelic Sliding Conditions Read Abstract 2023
Nicollette Uhde Ramona Neunuebel Constructing a Legionella pneumophila Effector Library to Identify Novel Cytoskeleton Interacting Proteins Read Abstract 2016
Violet Ullman Emily Day Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment Through Nanoparticle-Mediated miR-34a and Doxorubicin Delivery Read Abstract 2019
Julian Urbina James Hoffman Generalizability of Emotional Capture Read Abstract 2019
Sai Mahit Vaddadi Dionisios Vlachos Atomistic and Spectroscopic Modeling of Nanoparticles using Genetic Algorithm Read Abstract 2019
John Vaile Fidelma Boyd Quorum Sensing Regulators Control Ectoine Biosynthesis Gene Expression in the Halophile Vibrio parahaemolyticus Read Abstract 2017
Christina Valenti Jennifer Volk Using Online Interactive Tools to Educate the Public on Environmental Issues Read Abstract 2017
Vennesa Valentine,
Micaih Murray
Sharon Neal The effect of analyte binding on the detection of PAH photosynthesized oxygen in a biorelevant solvent Read Abstract 2019
Rosmeiry Valera Rosdriguez Jean-Philippe Laurenceau The Relationship between Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Checking Behavior in Breast Cancer Survivors Read Abstract 2016
Elizabeth Van Winkle Karl Booksh,
Jocelyn Alcántara-Garcia
Spectroscopic Analysis of Artificially Aged Paint Binders Read Abstract 2017
Abigail Vanover John Byrne The Case for Alternatives: Movement Beyond the Car in the U.S. Read Abstract 2016
Miguel Vasquez Fabrizio Sergi Validating a Method for the Estimation of Propulsive Ground Reaction Force from Healthy Individuals at Constant Walking Speeds  Read Abstract 2023
Sophia Vassar Kelly Sherretz College Access For Delaware High School Students Read Abstract 2017
Sophia Vassar Kelly Sherretz College Access For Delaware High School Students Read Abstract 2017
Josephine Veeria Mollee Crampton,
Lathadevi Chintapenta,
Venu Kalavacharla
A Comparison of the RNA-Seq-Based Transcriptome Analysis and Validation of the Genes from Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis Read Abstract 2016
Josephine Veeria Rita Hayford,
Venu Kalavacharla
Dominic Veliz Karin Silbernagel,
Shawn Hanlon
Comparison of Muscle and Tendon Morphology and Function Between Dominant and Non-Dominant Limb Read Abstract 2019
Amanda Venuto Sue Snider Examining the Effects of Nutrition Education on Children 9-12 Years Read Abstract 2017
Kyle Verdi Kalehiwot Manahiloh Experimental Evaluation of the Engineering Behavior of Soil-Biochar Mixture as a Roadway Construction Material Read Abstract 2018
Brittany Vetter Jeffrey Spielberg Investigation of Hippocampal Network Properties Related to Individual Differences in Memory Read Abstract 2018
Alex Viana,
Amy Morris
Jared Medina Exploring Somatosensory Changes in Lower Limb Amputees Read Abstract 2019
Dominic Villalba,
Juan Ruiz
Salil Lachke,
Deepti Anand
Identification of New Biomarkers in Lens Development and Cataract Read Abstract 2017
Gabrielle Villermaux Curtis Johnson White matter tract integrity relates to balance performance in pediatric cerebral palsy Read Abstract 2018
Gabrielle Villermaux Curtis Johnson Measuring the Stiffness of the Human Brain with Magnetic Resonance Elastography Read Abstract 2017
Sanjana Vinjamuri Jennifer Lambe,
Morgan Ellithorpe
The Difficulties With Combating Hate Speech Read Abstract 2023
Emily Virok Sayako Earle The Role of Exposure to Accented English on Novel Speech Sound Acquisition Read Abstract 2019
Liam Vita FNU Ahsanuzzaman Motorists’ Behavioral Responses to Data Visualization During Flood Events: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment Read Abstract 2019
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