Summer Symposium Presentation Archive

Student(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleAbstractYear
Houston Ward Lori Rink Functional Evaluation of New Targets in PDGFRA-mutant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Read Abstract 2019
Matthew Ward Chengmo Yang Disrupting the Intelligence of a Machine: Understanding Neural Network Vulnerabilities through Voltage Glitching Read Abstract 2023
Luz Ward Gulnihal Ozbay,
Lathadevi Chintapenta
Cassidy Ware Roberta Golinkoff Shaping Up Play Time: Influence of Toy Type on Parent-Child Interactions Read Abstract 2017
Molly Warndorf Joel Rosenthal Synthesis of Palladium Tetrapyrrole Macrocycles Through Cross-coupling Reactions for Use in Photodynamic Light Therapy Read Abstract 2019
Hannah Wastyk Catherine Grimes Critical Contact Region of HSP70 stabilizes Crohn’s Disease variants of Nod2 via co-factor mediated interaction Read Abstract 2016
Zachary Waterman Deni Galileo Assessment of Small Molecule Inhibitors on Glioblastoma Cell Invasiveness in an Ex Vivo Brain Slice Culture System. Read Abstract 2023
George Watson Angelia Seyfferth The Effect of Silicon Amendments on Rice Straw Throughout the Growing Season Read Abstract 2018
Joshua Watson Thomas Epps Introducing additives to Li triflate-doped poly(ethylene oxide) to modulate lithium-ion transport Read Abstract 2019
Julianna Wayne Megan Killian Strain Rate-Dependent Damage Detected by Fluorescent Collagen Mimetic Peptides Following Achilles Tendon Rupture Read Abstract 2019
Bailey Weatherbee Salil Lachke The Cataract-associated RNA-Binding Protein Celf1 Post-transcriptionally Controls the Key Regulator Pax6 in Lens Development Read Abstract 2018
Bailey Weatherbee Salil Lachke Investigating the Significance of RNA Granule Components in Lens Development Read Abstract 2017
Alexis Webb Edward Lyman Computational Calorimetry with the MARTINI Force Field Read Abstract 2016
Carl Webster Lindsay Naylor Antisocial Development: Exploring the Impacts of Gentrification on Social Cohesion within Marginal Spaces Read Abstract 2023
Krista Webster Robyn Phillips Dinosaur Problems: Primordial Soup for the Young Dinosaur’s Soul Read Abstract 2018
Jamie Wechsler Aimee Pearsall The Reasons for High School Students’ Non-participation in Choral Programs Read Abstract 2019
Lauren Weems Amy Biddle The Effect of KLASP Litter Amendment on Bacterial Communities Read Abstract 2017
Hannah Weile Jeremy Bird The Use of Type III-A CRISPR-Cas Systems to Determine Sequence Importance in E. coli’s Defense Against T4 Phage Read Abstract 2023
Kyle Weinberg Thomas Kaminski,
Thomas Buckley,
Wes Sellars
Correlation Between ImPact Reaction Time and Clinical Reaction Time in Collegiate Athletes Read Abstract 2017
Jacob Weinman Fabrizio Sergi Effect of Task Instructions on the Amplitude of Long Latency Responses in Wrist Flexors and Extensors Read Abstract 2019
Gerard Weir Chris Kelly Delaware’s Landscape of Small Business Support Services Read Abstract 2017
Sam Weiskopf Daniel Leathers Estimating Extreme Precipitation in Delaware Read Abstract 2018
Abigail Weisler Thomas Kaminski An Investigation of Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation Contrasting RICE Versus Micro-Mobile Compression: A Case Series Read Abstract 2019
S.D. Weldin Tracey Holden A New Era of Firsts: The Support Peer Mentors Give First-Generation College Students Read Abstract 2023
Stephen Wemple Kent Messer Reducing Household Nutrient Run-off – Power of Testimonial and Technology Persistence Read Abstract 2018
Tianyi Weng Zubaer Hossain Thermomechanical Stability of Thin-film Alloy Quantum Dots Read Abstract 2018
Tianyi Weng Zubaer Hossain Developing Multisize Alloy Quantum Dot Photovoltaics Read Abstract 2017
Aidan Wensel John Xiao Investigating the temperature dependent exchange coupling in NiFe RuO2 bilayers up to 500 K Read Abstract 2023
Alyssa Wentzel Tian-Jian Hsu,
Jorge Penaloza-Giraldo
The Effects of EPS, Clay Minerals, and Sand on the Flocculation Process Read Abstract 2023
Timothy Wentzien John Rabolt,
Richard Martin,
Wei-Jun Cai
Creating a Low-Cost Ion-Sensitive FET Based Sensor Network Read Abstract 2019
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