Summer Fellows Projects

2019 Summer Fellows Projects

Cindy Rullo “Sleep and Dietary Habits in Undergraduate College Students.” Working under Melissa Witman, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.

Amanda Gensiejewski “Lower-Limb Dominance in Balance & Mobility Tasks: Protocol Development.”  Working under Jeremy Crenshaw, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.

Erin Fogarty “Historic Daffodils at Winterthur.” Working under Anna Wik, Plant and Soil Sciences


2018 Summer Fellows Projects

Earl Bampo, “Nickel Catalyzed Cross-Couplings of Amino Acid Derivatives via C-N Bond Activation.” Working under Mary Watson, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Melody Cerro, “UDSSC Research.” Working under Andreas Malikopoulos, Mechanical Engineering.

Nicolette Chahalis, “Histological Markers of Ventilation-Induced Lung Injury: Implications for Premature Babies”  Working under Jason Gleghorn, Biomedical Engineering.

Kaitlyn Fennell, “Racial Discrimination in Capital Punishment Sentencing.” Working Under Eric Rise, Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Elizabeth Fleischer, “James, the Brother of Jesus Versus Saint Paul” Working under Alan Fox, Philosophy.

Emma Gaedje and Sara Kuzmenka, “From Shelf to Screen.” Working under Martha Carothers, Art and Design.

Brianna Henry and Sierra Watkins, “The Beauty Shop Project.” Working under Colette Gaiter, Art and Design.

Jack Hoffman, “The Driving Force Behind Increased Automobile Fatalities.” Working under Jim Berry, Economics.

Camryn Isaksen, “Inactivation of the Medial Septal Nucleus During a Conditional Discriminatory Working Memory Task.” Working under Amy Griffin, Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Thomas Johnson, “An Undergraduate Research Sub-Study for CAREER: Proof in Secondary Classrooms: Decomposing a Central Mathematical Practice.” Working under Michelle Cirillo, Mathematical Sciences.

Adele Kaczmarek, “Tapped.” Working under Amy Hicks, Art & Design. (See more here).

Maxwell A. Lasher, “Decision-Making While Confronted By Environmental Disaster.”  Working under Joseph Trainor, Disaster Research Center.

Elizabeth Marcin, “Mechanically Induced Molecular Signaling in Prostate Development.” Working under  Jason Gleghorn, Biomedical Engineering.

Sierra Patterson, “Analysis of Hydrothermal Alteration in Abyssal Peridotites from the Gakkel Ridge.” Working under Jessica Warren, Geological Sciences.

Christian Poindexter, “Transtibial Amputee Human Motion Analysis.” Working under  Elisa S. Arch, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology.

Ronald Purnell, “Creations through Commitment.” Working under Abby Donovan, Art and Design.

Martha Rose A. Echols, “Cock-eyed Optimist.” Working under Amy Hicks, Art and Design.

Xuerui Song, “Produce Bio-composite Materials from Wastewater.” Working under Daniel Cha, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Megan Woodring, “Dyslexia and Music.” Working under Suzanne L. Burton, Music.
David Woodruff, “Road to Freedom.” Working under Jon Cox, Art and Design.
Cynthia Yoo, “Thankful, Always: Capturing A Korean-American Story through Visual Media.” Working under Amy Hicks, Art and Design.


2017 Summer Scholars Projects

Krista Balto, “The Synthesis of 9-H Carbazole Derivatives and the Creation of their Metal Organic Frameworks.” Working under Eric Bloch, Chemistry.

Stephanie Clampitt, ““Does having female faculty in STEM fields give students a better perception of women in STEM?” Working under Michael Arnold, Economics.

Elizabeth Fleischer, “Was Jesus Married?” Working under Alan Fox, Philosophy.

Aaron Kager, “DBZ and Notch-1 Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.” Working under Emily Day, Biomedical Engineering.

Amanda Kasman, “Conservation of The Landing of Slaves at Virginia, 1619.” Working under Joyce Hill Stoner, Art Conservation.

Camille Mapua, “Acoustic Prominence in Tagalog.” Working under Irene Vogel, Linguistics.

Ellie Papoutsakis, “Testing the Importance of Conjugation Chemistry on Antibody Loaded Nanoparticle Platforms.”. Working under Emily Day, Biomedical Engineering

Aj Qaabar,”SEED.” Working under Bill Deering, Art & Design.

Michael Zotter, “Association between Physical Function and MVPA.” Working under Joseph Zeni, Jr. and Adam Marmon, Physical Therapy.